Creative ways to find organ donors

Life Lessons Creative ways to find organ donors

Today, in the United States alone, more than 123,000 patients are on a list waiting for a life-saving transplant, and 22 patients will die each day without one. The demand, by far, exceeds the supply, and it could take years for many to receive an organ donation or find a donor match.

Hip Chick Farm

Life Lessons Hip Chick Farm

They’re partners in business. Now these two women — two moms — are making their mark in the frozen food world. They’re taking farm to table to the frozen food aisle.

Calming technology

Life Lessons Calming technology

Over 80 percent of working Americans feel stress at work. But can wearing a simple device change your emotions?

Sense Theatre

Life Lessons Sense Theatre

One doctor is combining her PhD in psychology with her passion for theater to help autistic children

Double lung transplant

life lesson lung transplant

Life gets turned upside down when you’re hit by a life-threatening disease.

Nine snacks for a better workout

life lessons healthy snacks

Want to get the most out of a sweat session? Here’s some tips on what to bite into for a worthy workout.

Police chief: Bernadette's Blue

life lesson chief bernadette

A lot of people are spending a lot of time and money trying to figure out how police and minority communities can get along better.

Cars, cars seats often a mismatch

life lessons cra seats

Many parents roll up towels and blankets and use pool noodles just to get their child’s car seat to fit better in their car.

Tips to save on dental care

life lessons dentist costs

If you've been to the dentist lately, you know it can be expensive and these days dental care is one of the most common exclusions from health insurance plans and Medicare.

Ditching depression with yoga

Life Lessons Ditching depression with yoga

For millions of Americans saddled with depression, prescription medications have been the only solution offered to them. But some researchers think a yoga mat may be just as effective.

Saving Money with Your Smartphone

Life Lessons Saving Money with Your Smartphone

Millennials are having a harder time saving money, but can an app on your smartphone help?

Unraveling Pediatric Cancer

Life Lessons Unraveling Pediatric Cancer

1.7 million people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer this year and 600,000 adults will die from it. Billions of dollars are pumped into research to try and find a cure.

Surviving unemployment

Life Lessons Surviving unemployment

Out of work? You’re not alone. 1.2 million adults lose their jobs every month. Here are five tips to get you back on track.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

Estimates are that 1 in 15 people have the condition that causes breaks in breathing while sleeping

Sun Safety All Year

Life Lessons Sun Safety All Year

The deadliest form of skin cancer is melanoma. And the number of cases goes up every year. More than 73,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma in 2015 alone.

The soul behind Bluebird Cafe

Life Lessons The soul behind Bluebird Cafe

Barbara Cloyd's open mic nights have been the launching pad for some big careers

High calorie fruit

Life Lessons High calorie fruit

A lot of diets urge you to eat fruit, but that can have its own set of pitfalls

The 6 secret causes of back pain

Life Lessons The 6 secret causes of back pain

What's causing your pain may surprise you

Diabetes prevention

Life Lessons Diabetes prevention

There are simple diet changes that can reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes

Good snacks between meals?

Life Lessons Good snacks between meals

A survey by the USDA shows snacking now accounts for at least 400 extra calories per day. Here’s three tips to help you snack healthier.

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Recipes From The Kitchen

Sunrise Chef: Louie Belletiere

Sunrise Chef Loui s Restaurant

"You'll love it at Louie's!"  That's the slogan for Louie's Restaurant in Allentown and with 57 years experience they must be doing something right!  

Sunrise Chef: Prime Steak House

Sunrise Chef Prime Steak House

John Wolf, manager and chef from Prime Steak House in Hanover Township, visited the WFMZ kitchen Friday morning to prepare pulled pork apple cider sandwiches topped with winter coleslaw, warm bacon apple spinach salad and filet of beef medallions with asparagus.

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Music Monday

Music Monday: Paul Knakk

He's a country-rock singer songwriter from Bethlehem who taught himself to play guitar as a teenager.  Paul Knakk went on to open for national acts such as Weezer and Three Doors Down.  Some have told him he sounds like singer Sam Hunt.  He performed on Music Monday, and even sang happy birthday to WFMZ's Jaciel Cordoba.

Music Monday: Lou Franco & Henry Callie

We're getting a preview of the upcoming Lehigh Valley Beatles Showcase on this Music Monday.

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