Life Lessons: Fall food full of flavor

Life Lessons Fall food full of flavor

Fall food is all about flavor, fun and filling dishes that are easy and fast.

Life Lessons: Stop interruptions at work

Life Lessons Stop interruptions at work

Did you know that even a tiny interruption at work can double the number of errors you have?

Life Lessons: Caregiver's cure for loss

Life Lessons Caregiver s cure for loss

One woman’s look back on her life caring for her dying husband is helping others with their role as caregivers.

Life Lessons: Best & worst words for a winning resume

Life Lessons Best worst words for a winning resume

What are employers looking for in a resume?

Life Lessons: Allergies-more than sneezing

Life Lessons Allergies-more than sneezing

Lehigh Valley allergy specialists say there’s more to allergies than sniffling and sneezing.

Life Lessons: Zumba to better body & mind

Life Lessons Zumba to better body mind

Zumba and breast cancer are the bonds that connect a special instructor with the teens she teaches.

Life Lessons: Put your leftover charcoal to good use

Life Lessons Put your used charcoal to good use

Don't toss it-- make the most of that leftover charcoal!

Life Lessons: Best and worst Halloween candy

Life Lessons Best and worst Halloween candy

Americans buy 600 million pounds of candy every Halloween. That’s a scary fact, or is it?

Life Lessons Cell spoofing scam

Life Lessons Cell spoofing scam

Caller ID has been a useful tool for screening out the people we don't want to talk to, but scam artists have found a new way to get around that.

Life Lessons: Digital forensics

Life Lessons Digital forensics

High school seniors may be considering a career that didn't exist when their parents were in high school.

Life Lessons: Opportunity entrepreneurs

Life Lessons Opportunity entrepreneurs

American women are starting more than 1,200 small businesses a day.

Life Lessons: Milk drive targets hunger

Life Lessons Milk drive targets hunger

Recent studies on the impact of hunger are truly alarming.

Life Lessons: Home buying-not just for men

Life Lessons Home buying-not just for men

In some parts of the country, more single women are buying homes.

Life Lessons: What's in your makeup?

Life Lessons What s in your makeup

However, as most people focus on how makeup makes them look, they may be missing out on what's lurking inside that may potentially damage their health.

Life Lessons: Lessons on dying

Life Lessons Lessons on dying

Most of us don’t like to think about the subject of dying but there are some folks who live with the subject every day.

Life Lessons: Doula for dying

Life Lessons Doula for dying

The term “doula" has been around for centuries. Now, there are doulas for the dying.

Life Lessons: Senior moment or dementia?

Life Lessons Senior moment or dementia

Just because you have memory trouble doesn’t mean you have dementia. How can you tell the difference?

Life Lessons: 5 bizarre weight loss tricks

Life Lessons 5 bizarre weight loss tricks

Most of us know about traditional diet and exercise routines, but what about things we don’t do?

Life Lessons: Cleaning up for fall

Life Lessons Cleaning up for fall

Outdoor barbeques and warm weather might sound like fun in the sun, but can leave a huge mess by the time fall rolls around.

Life Lessons: Seniors and safe driving

Seniors and Safe Driving

As we age, it’s normal for our driving abilities to change.

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Sunrise Chef: Drew Stark

Sunrise Chef Drew Stark

It's only been open since July, but already The Hamilton Kitchen and Bar has become a hot spot in downtown Allentown.

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