Life Lessons: 6 quick relationship fixes

Life Lessons 6 quick relationship fixes

Does your relationship need a little TLC?  The good news is that it can be done and fast!

Life Lessons: Save your skin this winter

Life Lessons Dry winter skin

Cold, dry air brings dry skin which can cause breakouts, or other irritations of the skin.

Life Lessons: New food allergy

Life Lessons New food allergy

A relatively new allergy is showing up more in allergy specialists' patients.

Life Lessons: Tired of being tired

Life Lessons Tired of being tired

We all may think the magic number of hours to sleep at night is eight, but according to the National Institute of Health, 40% of Americans are sleep deprived!

Life Lessons: Fighting the fat within

Life Lessons Fighting the fat within

You can be addicted to alcohol, drugs, even exercise. But can you be addicted to food?

Life Lessons: Fallopian tube health

Life Lessons Fallopian tube health

For some of the 6 million women having trouble getting or staying pregnant each year, a blocked fallopian tube is to blame.

Life Lessons: Coffee--do more than just drink it!

Life Lessons Coffee--do more than just drink it

More than 150 million Americans drink coffee every day, but did you know there was more you can do with coffee than just drink it?

Life Lessons: Drowning out of the water

Life Lessons Drowning out of the water

Drowning can happen any time of the year and secondary or delayed drowning can happen up to 24 hours after the victim has left the water.

Life Lessons: 4 hot benefits of spicy foods

Life Lessons 4 hot benefits of spicy foods

Studies have shown eating spicy food burns extra calories as well as boosts metabolism!

Life Lessons: Teens and hearing loss

Life Lessons Teens and hearing loss

Many of us like to listen to music through ear buds, but are they okay for our hearing?

Life Lessons: Tough job choices

Life Lessons Tough job choices

But what if the obstacles to success in a new job force you to make decisions you’ve never encountered, or what if the job itself doesn’t match your expectations?

Life Lessons: Going deaf at the gym

Life Lessons Going deaf at the gym

What you do at the gym could end up hurting your hearing!

Life Lessons: The art of small talk

Life Lessons The art of small talk

Is making small talk an art form?

Life Lessons: Healthy beauty foods

Life Lessons Healthy beauty foods

How do you get naturally white teeth without having to suck your coffee through a straw?

Life Lessons: CPR changes

Life Lessons CPR changes

In order to save more lives, millions of health care professionals are teaching a simpler approach to CPR.

Life Lessons: 5 things successful people do

Life Lessons 5 things successful people do

A change in attitude and putting your goals in check can make all the difference in achieving your goals.

Life Lessons: A fresh twist on winter's finest veggie

Life Lessons A fresh twist on winter s finest veggie

We're dishing up a delicious vegetarian option with some flair.

Life Lessons: ER? Urgent care? Doc's office? How to choose

Life Lessons ER Urgent care Doc s office How to choose

From pink eye to poisoning, here is where to go to get the best care for your ailments.

Life Lessons: Extreme morning sickness

Life Lessons Extreme morning sickness

Princess Kate and about 60,000 pregnant women suffer from this mysterious illness.

Life Lessons: Knee implant surgery

Life Lessons Knee implant surgery

Studies show every 45 seconds another patient in the US undergoes knee replacement surgery-but there may be a less invasive procedure available in the future.

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