Life Lessons: Black Friday insider tips

Life Lessons Black Friday insider tips

We have the details on some earlier store openings and how to use your cell phone to save you some holiday cash!

Life Lessons: Eat this, not that during the holidays

Thanksgiving dinner costs

The average Thanksgiving dinner is 4,500 calories, but there are some simple swaps to save you at the scale.

Life Lessons: Prevent viruses at work

Life Lessons Prevent viruses at work

Hackers are always looking for ways to beat any system but here's how to dodge viruses in emails at work.

Life Lessons: Red Paw Emergency Relief

Life Lessons Red Paw Emergency Relief

One woman combined her emergency response smarts and her love for animals to help pets and their people get a fresh start after a fire or natural disaster.

Life Lessons: Academic stress

Life Lessons Academic stress

Experts say between the distractions of social media and the competition in the work place, college students can get stressed out.

Life Lessons: Chef's retro rad holiday

Life Lessons Chef s retro rad holiday

If you're ready to mix up your Thanksgiving menu, here's the recipe for you!

Life Lessons: How lack of sleep affects different age groups

Life Lessons How lack of sleep affects different age groups

Even with the extra hour of sleep from the time change, it's often not enough for many of us.

Life Lessons: No more medical mistakes

Life Lessons No more medical mistakes

One woman in Florida is trying to change the way doctors and nurses are trained so medical errors are less likely.

Life Lessons: Female CEOs' secrets to success

Life Lessons Female CEOs secrets to success

There are more female CEOs than ever. What's the secret to making it to the top?

Life Lessons: Sleep solutions

Life Lessons Sleep Solutions

It can be a challenge to get a good night’s sleep with a baby or toddler around, but a Lehigh Valley mom says she can change that.

Life Lessons: 5 calorie-saving food swaps

Life Lessons 5 calorie-saving food swaps

Cutting back on calories doesn’t have to be hard. These tips can save you a lot of pounds.

Life Lessons: Escape domestic violence with an app

Life Lessons Escape domestic violence with an app

What can young women to do protect themselves from domestic violence?

Life Lessons: Save your neck-turn off the digital devices

Life Lessons Save your neck-turn off the digital devices

Our electronic gadgets have become a huge part of our everyday lives, but they could also be hurting you.

Life Lessons: Parents & medication mistakes

Life Lessons Parents medication mistakes

A new study shows adults often make mistakes when giving medication to children.

Life Lessons: Could video therapy retrain the brain?

Life Lessons Could video therapy retrain the brain

What if doctors were able to teach children to control their ADHD symptoms on their own - simply by using the power of their minds?

Life Lessons: 3 easy to make natural cleaners

Life Lessons 3 easy to make natural cleaners

Make your own cleaning supplies at home!

Life Lessons: Hidden health benefits of honey

Life Lessons Hidden health benefits of honey

You can do more with honey than put it in your tea!

Life Lessons: Grow your own vitamins

Life Lessons Grow your own vitamins

Instead of popping more pills every day to get vitamins and nutrients, some people are growing their supplements right outside their back door.

Life Lessons: Skating through life

Life Lessons Skating through life

There is a group of girls in Harlem participating in a sport that is helping them skate through all of life’s difficult times.

Life Lessons: Weight gain around the midsection

Life Lessons Weight gain around the midsection

Did you know health experts say the midsection is the most common area for people to gain weight?

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Recipes From The Kitchen

Chef Fred Duerr shows the Sunrise crew a new twist on Thanksgiving side dishes

Make your Thanksgiving side dishes a hit

The chef from the Rising Sun Inn shows the Sunrise crew how to make your Turkey Day side dishes a hit.

Sunrise Chef: Glenn Gross

Sunrise Chef Glenn Gross

Thanksgiving is almost here -- have you planned your holiday feast?

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Music Monday

Music Monday: Co-op Bop

Our Music Monday guests from the group Co-op Bop have appeared at many jazz venues. The Pennsylvania Jazz Collective honored three members of the quintet as artists of the year for three consecutive years. Each member has been playing an instrument since childhood. Click the play button in the attached link to see the group interview with WFMZ's Jaciel Cordoba and their LIVE performance on 69 news at Sunrise.

Music Monday: Chad Reinert

He's a Nashville recording artist, singer, and musician, and he grew up in Schuylkill County!

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