Life Lessons: Toothache? Some unexpected causes

Life Lessons Toothache Some unexpected causes

June is part of national smile month, an annual campaign to promote good oral health. As people get older, the likelihood of going to the dentist declines. A recent study revealed that only one out of ten people go to the dentist for their tooth pain. But that pain could mean something more than a cavity.

Life Lessons: "Healthy" habits you can give up now

Life Lessons Healthy habits you can give up now

Every day we’re learning new things from science, and because of it, information is constantly changing. So what we thought was good for our health 10 years ago, may not be the case today.

Life Lessons: Shoulder surgery

Life Lessons Shoulder surgery

Shoulder and arm pain come with the territory for some athletes and certain occupations like hair stylists, mechanics, even office workers.

Life Lessons: Urinary tract infections: Is your diet to blame?

Life Lessons Urinary tract infections

They can range from embarrassing and uncomfortable to downright excruciating: urinary tract infections. If you get one, you want to get rid of it now. But, there may be something in your diet that is making it worse.

Life Lessons: Naturally beautiful

Life Lessons Naturally beautiful

Most women know cucumber slices reduce inflammation and discoloration under eyes, but what other natural beauty remedies are hidden in our kitchen?

Life Lessons: Animal Reader

Life Lessons Animal Reader

More than 80 percent of people consider their pets’ part of the family. But since they communicate in mostly barks, meows and body language, it’s not always easy to know what this family member is saying.

Life Lessons: Alzheimer's and the biggest mistake caregivers can make

Life Lessons Alzheimer s

For every person with Alzheimer’s there are about three people who take care of them.

Life Lessons: Food fighters for your immune system

Life Lessons Food fighters for your immune system

The immune system protects you without you even knowing it. Its army of white blood cells battle against viruses, bacteria and other foreign invaders that threaten your health. But those white blood cells have a short life span of one to three days. We have some foods that can strengthen your immune system by boosting the amount of killer cells.

Life Lessons: Financial documents: What to toss, what to keep

Life Lessons Financial documents

If it seems like your filing cabinet is overflowing with old cell phone bills, health insurance benefit forms and credit card and bank statements, then it’s time to make space.

Life Lessons: Asthma App

Life Lessons Asthma App

Very early on in her life, 3-year-old Karma Taylor found herself frequently in the Emergency Department in the middle of the night as a result of breathing problems.

Life Lessons: Chef’s Corner: Summer Salad

Life Lessons Chef s Corner Summer Salad

Ellie Shropshire sharpened her culinary skills cooking on private yachts. 14 years ago, she took her talents to Park City, Utah and built up a booming catering business using all natural ingredients. She says her easy salad recipe is a perfect summer treat.

Life Lessons: Ways to boost confidence

Life Lessons Ways to boost confidence

No doubt having confidence can lead to success, but most people aren’t just born with this trait. We have some tips that can help boost your confidence.

Life Lessons: How to organize your fridge

Life Lessons How to organize your fridge

If it seems like the food in your fridge doesn’t stay fresh for as long as you’d like, it may be the way you’re organizing it.

Life Lessons: Getting men to go for check ups

Life Lessons Getting men to go for check ups

Rather than make appointments to see their family doctor on a regular basis, men are often more likely to make excuses for not going, according to a new survey that lists the top excuses men most often make.

Life Lessons: Tricks to extend your battery life

Life Lessons: Tricks to extend your battery life

It’s that moment we all hate: the battery on your phone is dead and your search for a charger has not been successful. Not to panic. Here are some tricks that will help extend the life of your phone battery.

Life Lessons: Proton therapy offers hope

Life Lessons Proton therapy offers hope

An enormous high tech machine is providing new hope to patients across the country with inoperable tumors. Proton therapy is a precise radiation technique that reduces the side effects often accompanied by traditional treatment options.

Life Lessons: Hydrogen peroxide: What can’t it do

Life Lessons Hydrogen peroxide What can t it do

One of the most common household disinfectants can do so much more than just clean small cuts. Here are some of the cleaning and styling tricks you can do with just one bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Life Lessons: Wisdom Wednesday: What I know for sure

Life Lessons Wisdom Wednesday What I know for sure

There are things in our lives that become pretty clear to us after awhile and these lessons learned can be close to our hearts. In our Wisdom Wednesday segment this week, we ask, "What do you know for sure?"

Life Lessons: Safety apps

Life Lessons Safety apps

Nearly 50% of women say they fear walking alone at night, but if they have a smartphone they can take some comfort with apps that let their friends watch over them or sound an alarm. Here’s how these free personal safety apps work.

Life Lessons: Dog rehab: A second chance at life

Life Lessons Dog rehab A second chance at life

One veterinarian says we put people through physical rehab, why not our pets? Now, she’s showing us how she’s rehabilitating dogs that other vets have given up on.

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