Life Lessons: A prescription for mobility

Life Lessons A prescription for mobility

No doubt you’ve heard fitness experts say you need to "move it-or lose it!" Now a new study proves there is science behind that old saying!

Life Lessons: Foolproof processed food plan

Life Lessons Foolproof processed food plan

Grocery store shelves are lined with processed foods. But can any of them be good for you?

Life Lessons: The Great Kindness Challenge

Life Lessons The Great Kindness Challenge

War, murder, racism, how does the madness end? Some say it’s by teaching our children one thing.

Life Lessons: Conquer your biggest challenge

Life Lessons Conquer your biggest challenge

This is the year: conquer your biggest challenge!

Life Lessons: What to do after car accident

Life Lessons What to do after car accident

Over the course of a lifetime, the average driver will have three or four car accidents -- if it happens, what should you do?

Life Lessons: 5 natural cold & flu fighters

Life Lessons 5 natural cold flu fighters

The best way to cure your routine winter cold could be to beat it through natural remedies instead of constantly taking pills and syrups.

Life Lessons: Plastic surgery warning

Life Lessons Plastic surgery warning

If you're considering plastic surgery, be sure to do your homework--and use a doctor qualified to perform plastic surgery.

Life Lessons: 4 foods to worry about

Life Lessons 4 foods to worry about

Assuming everything we find in a grocery store is safe to eat can be a big mistake.

Life Lessons: Be your own health advocate

Life Lessons Be your own health advocate

Every one needs to be diligent in tracking down test results -- your health could depend on it!

Life Lessons: Volunteering from the heart

Life Lessons Volunteering from the heart

What sparks people to open their hearts and give their time to others?

Life Lessons: No-nos for new employees

Life Lessons No-nos for new employees

By doing the right thing, you are more likely to succeed in your new job.

Life Lessons: 5 healthy winter foods

Life Lessons 5 healthy winter foods

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t eat fresh healthy foods!

Life Lessons: A veterinarian's lifesaving story

Life Lessons A veterinarian s lifesaving story

Little did one woman know that her career as a veterinarian would ultimately save her own life.

Life Lessons: Having healthy babies

Life Lessons Having healthy babies

There's a new program helping at-risk moms-to-be get the support they need.

Life Lessons: Dangers of e-cigarettes

Life Lessons Dangers of e-cigarettes

Those who use electronic cigarettes may be more prone to respiratory viral infections, according to a new study.

Life Lessons: From freelance to full-time

Life Lessons From freelance to full-time

We have some tips on how to turn your freelance gig into a full-time opportunity.

Life Lessons: 6 caffeine-free ways to boost energy

Life Lessons 6 caffeine-free ways to boost energy

Coffee can give us that extra push, but there are caffeine-free ways to get energized.

Life Lessons: New Year's Resolutions

Life Lessons New Year s Resolutions

Here are a few tips to make our resolutions last longer into the new year.

Life Lessons: Dramatic rise in falls

Life Lessons Dramatic rise in falls

The numbers are staggering: Every 13 seconds an older person falls in the U.S. and has to be rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Life Lessons: To do lists

Life Lessons to-do lists

Do you make a “to-do” list for the day? Well some say you should have a list that includes more than errands.

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Sunrise Chef: Steven Hopstock

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The Super Bowl is nearly here--are you looking for new recipes for your party?

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