Life Lessons: Wet wraps and eczema

Life Lessons Wet wraps and eczema

Some estimate that one in five children in the U.S. now suffers from the painful itchy skin condition known as eczema.

Life Lessons: Fighting for female vets

Life Lessons Fighting for female vets

They risk their lives for their country, but many military women are not getting the support they need when they return home.

Life Lessons: Stress, women and comfort food

Life Lessons Stress women and comfort food

Stress and high fat food can be a deadly combination, researchers say.

Life Lessons: Detecting autism earlier

Life Lessons Detecting autism earlier

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Life Lessons: Top 4 cancer-fighting foods

Life Lessons Top 4 cancer-fighting foods

Doctors say what you put in your body before and after a cancer diagnosis could be the difference in surviving or dying

Life Lessons: Raising daughters to lead

Life Lessons Raising daughters to lead

How do we raise a generation of girls to be strong leaders in public office, business, or the entertainment industry?

Life Lessons: Danger at the therapist's office

Life Lessons Danger at the therapist's office

One in four Americans is suffering with a mental health disorder. About half of those will seek treatment.

Life Lessons: Simple summer sausage

Life Lessons Simple summer sausage

It’s that time of year when backyard barbeques are all the rage.

Life Lessons: The cost of skipping college

Life Lessons The cost of skipping college

With the high price tag of college, is a degree even worth it?

Life Lessons: Killer commutes

Life Lessons Killer commutes

How toxic is your drive to and from work each day?

Life Lessons: Pregnant & addicted to drugs

Life Lessons Pregnant addicted to drugs

Studies show the number of babies born addicted to drugs, including prescription medication has tripled in the last decade.

Life Lessons: Cost of house flipping

Life Lessons Cost of house flipping

With interest rates still low, and with so many people moving back to urban areas, house flipping has become a popular and profitable way for smart women to make a good income and still have time to be mom.

Life Lessons: Death by desk

Life Lessons Death by desk

People who sit at their desk all day are at an increased risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, even an early death.

Life Lessons: Cut your cooling costs

Life Lessons Cut your cooling costs

As summer temperatures go up and up, the cost of keeping things cool is rising as well.

Life Lessons: Starving yourself to death

Life Lessons Starving yourself to death

Experts say there are a growing number of professional women and mothers battling eating disorders later in life.

Life Lessons: Hand pies for your picnic

Life Lessons Hand pies for your picnic

Imagine enjoying a slice of pie in the palm of your hand, no utensils needed!

Life Lessons: Safe from sound

Life Lessons Safe from sound

If our eyes are the windows to the soul, where does that leave our ears?

Life Lessons: Out of this world learning

Life Lessons Out of this world learning

There’s a good chance you might see lots of females landing aerospace type jobs in the coming years.

Life Lessons: Supplement safety

Life Lessons Supplement safety

Dr. Oz says you should avoid taking more than five different supplements per day, but how do you choose?

Life Lessons: Estella's Brilliant Bus

Life Lessons Estella s Brilliant Bus

Children who don't have access to technology at home face a disadvantage. That's where Estella's Brilliant Bus comes in.

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