Eat food, not vitamins

Eat Food not Vitamins

Supplements are supposed to help us absorb more nutrients for a healthier body. But many doctors say that if you eat a balanced diet, you won't need to take vitamins.

Life hacks you need to know

Life hacks you need to know

Sometimes life can be frustrating, so here are a few life hacks to try and make everyday issues much simpler.

Parenting on wheels

Parenting on wheels

It may be difficult for some to envision ways to maintain parental authority while coping with a physical disability. But with a lot of determination and planning, families can thrive.

Lessons learned on the hardwood: 50+ basketball

Taking to the court after 50

Some might say basketball is not a lifelong sport, but one group of middle aged women say they think it is.

Hypersomnia: Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Hypersomnia Sleeping Beauty syndrome

Researchers are working to find a cure for the condition that makes it hard for people to wake up.

Sleep shenanigans: getting baby back to bed

Sleep shenanigans getting baby back to bed

Some parents are turning to sleep coaches, while some pediatricians are asking why.

Sleep pod keeps babies safe

Life Lessons Sleep pod keeps babies safe

Some say sharing a bed with your infant helps mom and baby bond, but studies show it can be dangerous. One woman is hoping to provide peace of mind.

Navy medical chief: Keeping sailors safe

The U.S. Navy Reserves is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and it’s especially proud of one woman, who is saving lives each day.

Turning up the heat on veggies

When it comes to vegetables, sometimes cooking them is better than eating them straight from the garden.

Girls and overuse injuries in sports

A new study shows girls are at a much higher risk than boys, when it comes to overuse injuries in high school sports.

Speaking emoji

These little icons can be used on almost every smart phone in the world to say just about anything, but are emojis making life easier or just harder to comprehend?

Painful truth about wine and sulfites

Painful truth about wines and sulfites

The FDA requires that all domestic wine, beer and spirits that contain more than 10 parts per million of sulfites include a warning label.

Chef's Corner: Foster mom chicken bake

Chef s Corner Foster mom chicken bake

Chef Shirley Stamper’s kitchen is not just for making food, but also for making memories.

Car seats, strollers and high chairs

Car seats strollers and high chairs

How do you know if you are buying the right kind or using them correctly?

Lazy cleaning tricks

Lazy cleaning tricks

Whether you’re short on time or just flat out lazy, cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore with these tricks.

Hospital rating systems

Hospital rating systems

A study done by researchers from Harvard and the University of California, San Francisco found that hospital ratings vary drastically between the top four national rating systems used by consumers.

Never too young: female inventors

Never too young female inventors

Ambition is ageless and here to prove it are three young women who represent thousands of young inventors.

Stroke survivor support group

Stroke survivor support group

Women are 2.5 times more likely to have a stroke than breast cancer. 

Subtle signs of eating disorders

Subtle signs of eating disorders

30-million Americans suffer from an eating disorder, but only one in 10 people receive any kind of treatment for it.

Dehydrated dogs: Beware

Dehydrated dogs Beware

As the weather gets warmer, all of us are spending more time outside, including our dogs.

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Take A Taco talks Musikfest

With Musikfest around the corner, a staple of the food scene is the talk of the Bethlehem festival.

Chef Segment: Laurin Fegley

Chef Segment Laurin Fegley

Laurin Fegley and Abe Lopze with Simply Smooth Catering in Allentown joined 69 News at Sunrise with some seasonal delights.

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Music Monday

Music Monday: Jake Tavill

He voices his messages through honest, introspective lyrics, and his fans say his music is simple, but not simplistic.

Music Monday: The Jealous Monks

They're a popular roots rock band from the Lehigh Valley!  The Jealous Monks bring you the sounds of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the Band Perry and more.

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