Good snacks between meals?

Life Lessons Good snacks between meals

A survey by the USDA shows snacking now accounts for at least 400 extra calories per day. Here’s three tips to help you snack healthier.

Lava Mae: A show of hope for the homeless

Life Lessons Lava Mae A show of hope for the homeless

This year, more than 3.5 million Americans will be homeless at some point. They won’t know where they will sleep tonight, or where their next meal will come from.

Steps to healthier eating

Life Lessons Steps to healthier eating

If people want to eat healthier they need to think they can. This is what Cornell University food researchers say.

Hobbies that make money

Life Lessons Hobbies that make money

Career experts say what you do for fun can actually make you some extra cash and may even turn into a career.

Fun fitness apps

Life Lessons Fun fitness apps

People can use their smartphones to get into shape

Eco-activist: Saving her streets

Life Lessons Eco-activist Saving her streets

More than 25 million people suffer from asthma, including 7 million children, and pollution is a trigger

PCOS doesn't slow down Natt Taylor

PCOS doesn t slow down Natt Taylor

As many as 5 million women suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome

Six minutes to better sleep

Life Lessons Six minutes to better sleep

We’re all aware that millions of us don’t get enough sleep, but maybe a quick yoga routine is what the sandman ordered.

Surprising dehydration

Life Lessons Surprising dehydration

Up to 10 glasses of water a day would be enough, if other things weren’t dehydrating you.

When customer loyalty doesn't pay

When it comes to your cable or bank provider, you may be better off making a clean break.

Pumping up your immune system the natural way

There are easy and natural ways to strengthen your immune system and prevent colds and the flu.

What to know before buying your first house

Life Lessons What to know before buying your first home

First time home buyers should ask the right questions, so they don't make some common mistakes.

Seven tricks to make your things last longer

Life Lessons Seven Things to Make Your Things Last Longer

Americans spend on average $4,500 on food each year, but there are ways to reduce that number.

Reporter inspires next generation of journalists

Life Lessons Reporter inspires next generation

 WNBC TV news reporter Ida Siegal is writing a series of children's books meant to inspire young reporters.

Chef's Corner: Healthy sweets

This summer we’re serving up just the right light, easy and delicious dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

App for recovering heroin addicts

Life Lessons App for recovering heroin addicts

One woman has developed an app to reverse a deadly trend in her town.

Avoid luggage thieves

Life Lessons Avoid luggage thieves

Are you flying to your next vacation? You might want to think twice when you pack your bags.

A mother's sweet mission

Life Lessons A mother s sweet mission

One woman started her own candy business to give her teenage daughter with Down ’s syndrome, and others with disabilities, the chance to spread their wings.

Eat food, not vitamins

Eat Food not Vitamins

Supplements are supposed to help us absorb more nutrients for a healthier body. But many doctors say that if you eat a balanced diet, you won't need to take vitamins.

Life hacks you need to know

Life hacks you need to know

Sometimes life can be frustrating, so here are a few life hacks to try and make everyday issues much simpler.

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Raw foods with Shankara by Balaysia in Bethlehem

Raw foods with Shankara by Balaysia in Bethlehem

Fruits and vegetables are in their prime right now.

Sunrise Chef: Mary Grube

Sunrise Chef Mary Grube

Mary Grube is the adult enrichment cooking instructor at Northampton Community College. Grube demonstrates some of the dishes she teaches in her classes.

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Music Monday

Music Monday: The Psycho Cats

Music Monday: The Psycho Cats

They play a mixture of pure Rockabilly and Garage-a-billy.  The Psycho Cats from Bangor, PA joined WFMZ's Jaciel Cordoba for Music Monday on 69 News at Sunrise.

Music Monday: Jason K

Jason Kageni, known as Jason K, got his first keyboard at the age of 9.  Over the years, he's taught himself to play and compose music.  He spoke with WFMZ's Jaciel Cordoba on Music Monday.  

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