Trooper dies after accidental shooting

Police: Trooper accidentally killed by fellow Trooper

The shot that killed a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper on Tuesday afternoon was accidentally fired by another PSP member, authorities confirmed.


Life Lessons: 5 bizarre weight loss tricks

Life Lessons 5 bizarre weight loss tricks

Most of us know about traditional diet and exercise routines, but what about things we don’t do?

Life Lessons: Cleaning up for fall

Life Lessons Cleaning up for fall

Outdoor barbeques and warm weather might sound like fun in the sun, but can leave a huge mess by the time fall rolls around.

Life Lessons: Seniors and safe driving

Seniors and Safe Driving

As we age, it’s normal for our driving abilities to change.

Life Lessons: Go gluten-free for fall

Life Lessons Go gluten-free for fall

As we mourn the end of summer and the cooler temperatures start to usher in, there are certain comfort foods we can cook up to help make the transition a bit easier.

Life Lessons: What not to microwave

Life Lessons What not to microwave

About 90 percent of Americans have a microwave in their home but most of us probably don’t know what we shouldn’t zap with it.

Life Lessons: Fat camp for Fido

Life Lessons Fat camp for Fido

Today, dogs are fatter than ever! It’s now estimated that 45 percent of all U.S. dogs are either overweight or obese.

Life Lessons: What happens when autistic kids grow up?

Life Lessons What happens when autistic kids grow up

We spend $11.5 billion dollars a year on everything from educational programs to medical therapies to help autistic children.

Life Lessons: HCM Foundation

Life Lessons HCM Foundation

With a cancer diagnosis, life pretty much stops. However, the bills don’t stop and this can be very difficult for a patient and that person’s family.

Life Lessons: Fertility facts

Life Lessons Fertility facts

One in eight couples will have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.

Life Lessons: 5 fish pregnant women should eat

Life Lessons Fish pregnant women should eat

First it was good for you, then it wasn't. Now officials are recommending pregnant women eat seafood.

Life Lessons: Fraud-proof yourself

Life Lessons Fraud-proof yourself

Although the ways you can get scammed are endless, there are ways to protect yourself.

Life Lessons: Saving seniors with Village-to-Village Network

Life Lessons Village-to-Village Network

A new concept may allow the elderly to remain in their homes, with a little help.

Life Lessons: Children's Integrated Center for success

Life Lessons Children s Integrated Center for success

It’s a fresh new school year but some children will struggle with special needs that make it difficult for them to learn.

Life Lessons: Latina Project helps women escape domestic violence

Life Lessons Latina Project

Nearly one-in-four Hispanic women in the United States will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.

Life Lessons: Best ways to brand yourself on the Internet

Life Lessons: Best ways to brand yourself on the Internet

Research shows just one resource can help build your personal brand.

Life Lessons: 5 brain drains to avoid

Life Lessons 5 brain drains to avoid

If you want your brain to function at its best, you have to make sure you're treating it right.

Life Lessons: Learn how to grow your money

Life Lessons Learn how to grow your money

What if you could turn one dollar into a million dollars? That is the goal of a group working to help women become more financially savvy.

Life Lessons: How boys learn differently

Life Lessons How boys learn differently

Now that the kids are back at school, most teachers and parents will tell you that boys and girls learn a bit differently.

Life Lessons: Make breakfast a priority

Life Lessons Make breakfast a priority

As students head back to class this fall, several groups are challenging schools to make breakfast available to more students.

Life Lessons: Saying goodbye to Fido

Life Lessons Saying goodbye to Fido

Saying goodbye to a furry friend is one of the hardest parts of being a pet owner, but there's a way to make your pet's last days peaceful and calm.

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Recipes From The Kitchen

Sunrise Chef: Mark Prostko

Sunrise Chef Jeff Prostko

With fall upon us, it's time for some terrific comfort food!

Sunrise Chef: Mike Geary

Sunrise Chef Mike Geary

Three-time Pennsylvania Iron Chef gold medal winner Mike Geary joined 69 News at Sunrise with a number of their delicious sandwich and side creations.

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Music Monday

Music Monday: Blaise Delfino

Blaise Delfino is an independent artist from Bethlehem.  He's shared the stage with many well known artists like JoJo and Ryan Cabrera, and his new single is getting rave reviews.

Music Monday: The Connie Edinger & Tom Marchak Duo

They've performed with incredible artists and musicians from all over the country!

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