LIVE: Obama - Edward M. Kennedy Institute opening remarks

11:25 a.m. ET: President Obama delivers remarks at the opening of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute.


Life Lessons: Choosing an assisted living facility

Life Lessons Choosing an assisted living facility

Considering an assisted living facility for a loved one is a huge decision. What should you look for?

Life Lessons: From procrastinator to productive

(img1)Life Lessons From procrastinator to productive

We’ve all procrastinated before, but putting things off isn’t just unproductive, it’s also unprofessional.

Life Lessons: Hidden sugars in foods

(img1)Life Lessons Hidden sugars in foods

You may be surprised at the items in your pantry that contain extra sugar.

Life Lessons: The art of being president

Life Lessons The art of being president

Being ambitious has no age limits!

Life Lessons: 4 bad foods for your skin

Life Lessons 4 bad foods for your skin

Simple changes in your diet could lead to the clear, youthful skin you have always wanted.

Life Lessons: Lower back pain

Life Lessons Lower back pain

Lots of us have back pain that ranges from mild to debilitating, but what can you do to make your back feel better?

Life Lessons: 5 foods you've been eating all wrong

Life Lessons 5 foods you ve been eating all wrong

We all know how to be healthy, like eating our fruits and vegetables. But turns out we have been eating a lot of healthy foods wrong.

Life Lessons: Secrets to saving

Life Lessons Secrets to saving

The next time you're on the go or shopping from home, try these tips to help save your time and what's in your wallet.

Life Lessons: New procedure for Achilles tears

Life Lessons New procedure for Achilles tears

From elite athletes to weekend warriors, more than 250,000 Achilles tendon injuries occur every year in the United States.

Life Lessons: Smile with these happy apps

Life Lessons Happy Apps

There's an app for literally everything, from cooking, to shopping, and now for being happier!

Life Lessons: Brain health

Life Lessons Brain health

Most of us think about keeping our bodies healthy but what about our brains?

Life Lessons: Smart phone photography tricks

Life Lessons Smart phone photography tricks

From selfies to saving those great vacation memories, using our smartphones to rival professional cameras can be done easily with these photography tips.

Life Lessons: Breaking boundaries

Life Lessons Breaking boundaries

At 31, Indy race car driver Pippa Mann says she still has a lot of miles to cover and has no plans of slowing down.

Life Lessons: Blog your way to success

Life Lessons Blog your way to success

From cooking, to parenting, to lifestyle and health, blogging is a popular way to harness the power of websites and make your voice heard.

Life Lessons: Small changes at work pay off

Life Lessons Small changes at work pay off

Researchers say a few simple changes to your daily routine could make all the difference at work.

Life Lessons: Innovative education

Life Lessons Innovative education

What’s the best way to get kids excited about education?

Life Lessons: Serving good food for the greater good

Life Lessons Serving good food for the greater good

What are you having for dinner tonight? It’s a simple question but one in six Americans don’t know where their next meal will come from.

Life Lessons: Fired? Clean up your image

Life Lessons Fired Clean up your image

Regardless of the reason you’ve been let go from a job, it’s important to immediately start planning your next move and make productive use of your time.

Life Lessons: From martial arts to art of business

Life Lessons From martial arts to art of business

Imagine a tough client meeting at work, and it’s not going well. Now imagine tapping into your skills as a Japanese martial arts student to shift the energy into a successful negotiation.

Life Lessons: Challenging the challenged

Life Lessons Challenging the challenged

A devastating illness can sideline some, but one woman is helping survivors thrive after a medical setback and conquer their goals.

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Recipes From The Kitchen

The Sunrise crew gets a taste of Belgian fries from Frites

The Sunrise crew gets a taste of Belgian french fries

A new spot in the Lehigh Valley called Frites is cooking up something different... Belgian fries.

Sunrise Chef: Jamie McKeon

Sunrise Chef Jamie McKeon

Whether you're training for a marathon or just looking for ways to eat healthier, we have three new recipes for you.

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Music Monday

Music Monday: Gretchen Schultz

She's been touring the east coast for about 9 years now, and she's performed at big venues like The Kimmel Center, the Pennsylvania Arts Fest, World Cafe Live Philly, and more!

Music Monday: The Celtic Rebels Band

American by birth, Irish by heritage, Jimmy Farrell has been playing Irish Folk music in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area for more than 30 years.

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