Life Lessons: Money habits to help you get wealthy

Life Lessons Money Habits to Keep You Wealthy

Little things you do with money can make the difference between a life of prosperity and one of constant financial stress.

Life Lessons: 4 household toxins to trash

Life Lessons 4 household toxins to trash

Toxins are lurking inside products you use every day.

Life Lessons: Dance away childhood obesity

Life Lessons Dance away childhood obesity

Can you hula, dance, or box your way to a better body? Kids are exergaming all over the world.

Life Lessons: Natural pain killers

Life Lessons Natural pain killers

While pain pills reduce suffering, they can be expensive, addictive, cause liver damage, and produce side effects. Instead, try these all-natural ways to treat what ails you.

Life Lessons: How not to get ripped off by your mechanic

Life Lessons How not to get ripped off by your mechanic

A recent car care council survey found that nine out of 10 women believe they are treated differently than men, when it comes to car repairs.

Life Lessons: Lunch box dangers

Life Lessons Lunch box dangers

Packing a child’s lunch may seem like a healthier option than the school cafeteria, but your healthy intentions could end up getting your child sick.

Life Lessons: Back to school tips

Life Lessons Back to school tips

As the summer ends, getting into the back-to-school routine doesn’t have to be as difficult as we might expect.

Life Lessons: Beauty secrets at bargain prices

Life Lessons Beauty secrets at bargain prices

From your head to your toes, and everything in between; you don't have to spend big bucks to look like you do.

Life Lessons: Cooking up opportunity

Life Lessons Cooking up opportunity

An accomplished chef is making it her mission to help homeless women cook up opportunity!

Life Lessons: Small implant can bring large impact for teen

Life Lessons Small implant can bring large impact for teen

Imagine having to undergo hours of treatment every day, just to help your body process the foods you’ve eaten.

Life Lessons: Role of athletic trainers in basketball injuries

Life Lessons Role of trainers in basketball injuries

A new study about injuries to high school basketball players has experts calling for some changes on the sidelines before next season.

Life Lessons: 3 ways to get burned by sunscreen

Life Lessons 3 ways to get burned by sunscreen

You know sunscreen is a must to help protect your skin outdoors. But if you’re not careful, doctors say you can get burned by the product designed to protect you.

Life Lessons: Female docs break down barriers

Life Lessons Female docs break down barriers

In 1970, only eight percent of doctors were women. Today, it’s 30 percent.

Life Lessons: Fatal foods for Fido

Life Lessons Fatal foods for Fido

It’s hard to resist it, but the FDA is warning it could be fatal to feed your dog from the table.

Life Lessons: Wet wraps and eczema

Life Lessons Wet wraps and eczema

Some estimate that one in five children in the U.S. now suffers from the painful itchy skin condition known as eczema.

Life Lessons: Fighting for female vets

Life Lessons Fighting for female vets

They risk their lives for their country, but many military women are not getting the support they need when they return home.

Life Lessons: Stress, women and comfort food

Life Lessons Stress women and comfort food

Stress and high fat food can be a deadly combination, researchers say.

Life Lessons: Detecting autism earlier

Life Lessons Detecting autism earlier

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Life Lessons: Top 4 cancer-fighting foods

Life Lessons Top 4 cancer-fighting foods

Doctors say what you put in your body before and after a cancer diagnosis could be the difference in surviving or dying

Life Lessons: Raising daughters to lead

Life Lessons Raising daughters to lead

How do we raise a generation of girls to be strong leaders in public office, business, or the entertainment industry?

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Sunrise Chef: Joseph Frost

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Brittingham's Pub has been delighting diners in Lafayette Hill since before the Revolutionary War!

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Music Monday

Music Monday: Kendall Phillips

You may remember her singing Rock on TV's American Idol, but it was only because producers asked her to.  Kendall Phillips is a country singer at heart.  She's on a tour across the East Coast and stopped by 69 News at Sunrise to perform on Music Monday. 

Music Monday: Jessi Lee Ross

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