Self-defense: Moves and mindset

Life Lessons Self-defense Moves and mindset

Almost 300,000 sexual assaults happen every year in the U.S.

How to avoid holiday weight gain

Life Lessons How to avoid holiday weight gain

It's easy to pack on a few extra pounds over the holidays

Food Allergy Survival Guide

Life Lessons Food Allergy Survival Guide

Holidays mean food, but food allergies can make families uneasy

Milli Brown means business

Life Lessons Milli Brown means business

A publishing pioneer who changed the rules of publishing and came up with a winning formula

Young adults with autism learn dating skills

Life Lessons Young adults with autism learn dating skills

A study shows a social skills program offered significant improvement in participants’ ability to overcome their social fears

The Grocery Game

LIife Lessons The Grocery Game

Keeping a keen on savings can cut your grocery bill in half

Cleaning for a Reason

Life Lessons Cleaning for a Reason

A national initiative offers to handle day-to-day chores for women undergoing cancer

Pet-to-human infection

Life Lessons Pet-to-human infection

For some contracting an infection from a pet could be deadly

Angelman Syndrome

Life Lessons Angelman Syndrome

A mother enrolled in a neuroscience doctoral program in an effort to find a cure for her son's rare disorder

Picky eater or eating disorder?

Picky eater or eating disorder

A new study has associated picky eating with an eating disorder

Kids Off the Block

Life Lessons Kids Off the Block

The program in Chicago aims to keep children off the streets

BE FAST - Stroke warning signs

Life Lessons BE FAST

It’s no secret that you need to act fast if you or someone you love is having a stroke. Now, the medical community has broadened the guidelines about stroke telling us what to look out for.

Chef's Corner: Fast flank steak by Heather

Life Lessons Fast flank steak by Heather

A young catering chef says a quick meal can be healthy, sugar free and gluten free

New procedure stops hand tremors

Life Lessons New procedure stops hand tremors

About 10 million people in the U.S. suffer from essential tremor

Internet impressions

Life Lessons Internet impressions

What makes or breaks an online dating profile?

Multitasking mavens: We all need Lifesquire

Life Lessons Multitasking mavens We all need Lifesquire

A young Oklahoma woman is taking the hustle out of her clients’ lives

Safe Orthopedics

Life Lessons Safe orthopedics

The medical community is taking a closer look at its sterilization procedures and the instruments surgeons use.

Can essential oils help kids with autism?

Life Lessons Can essential oils help kids with autism

Researchers are studying the effectiveness and safety of essential oil therapy

Women using guns

Life Lessons Women using guns

A recent Gallup poll shows a majority of women think having a gun makes their homes safer

Killer heels

Life Lessons Killer heels

New research shows heels will damage a woman's ankles, heels, feet, legs and hips

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Hotel Bethlehem's unique cranberry sauce

Hotel Bethlehem s unique cranberry sauce

Chef Michael Adams stopped by the kitchen set to show us how he makes Hotel Bethlehem's unique cranberry sauce.

Sunrise Chef: Parkhurst Dining

Sunrise Chef Parkhurst Dining at Cedar Crest College

Peter Sokolski, executive chef with Parkhurst Dining at Cedar Crest College, and pastry chef Sharon Isaac visited the WFMZ studios to prepare cinnamon cream puff pastries just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Music Monday

Music Monday: Pennsylvania Youth Theatre

The holidays are right around the corner, and the students at the Pennsylvania Youth Theatre are gearing up for a show that's sure to get everyone in the spirit!

Music Monday: Steve Brosky & Jimmy Meyer

He's a Lehigh Valley favorite, and he has a new musical out about his 30-years as a musician in the area.

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