Old Man Winter is here, and we are here to break down some cold hard facts!

First, does cold air really make you sick?

Although it’s called a “cold," lower temperatures alone will not make you sick. In fact, cells that fight infection in the body actually increase if you go out into the cold.

Next, do allergies go away in the winter?

One-in-five people suffer from indoor-outdoor allergies, and the indoor variety can actually be worse in the winter because shut windows seal in poor air quality and many molds thrive in the winter.

Finally, you shouldn’t exercise in the cold.

Research shows that in cold weather, race times are actually faster, which burns more calories in less time!

Another common myth: alcohol warms you up.

It might make you feel all warm and cozy on the inside, but that’s because it causes your blood to rush toward your skin and away from your internal organs.

That means your core body temp actually drops! And alcohol actually impairs your body’s ability to create extra heat.