There are lots of places available where you can use your debit card--but we tell you where you shouldn't!

Outdoor ATM’s are an easy and safe way to get cash fast, right?

Outdoor ATM’s are one of the most dangerous places to use a debit card.

Thieves can install an almost invisible “skimmer" on ATMs. These steal your card information and then a miniature camera over the keypad steals your pin, giving a thief everything they need to drain your account.

But ATMs aren’t the only dangerous places to use a debit card.

Most people know to look for skimmers at ATM’s, but gas stations are also a favorite target for thieves.

Last year, four men were arrested for allegedly stealing $2.1 million using skimmers.

Another spot to be wary:  restaurants.

Some servers bring handheld card skimmers to work to swipe your card information or even write down card numbers.

Stores are another spot with a steady stream of customers is a target.

Finally, never use a debit card online.

Always use a credit card with fraud protections. A hacker can't overdraft your bank account with a credit card.