In the U.S., 30 percent of kids are overweight and 18 percent are obese.

As any parent knows, getting kids to eat right is challenging when bad foods are so accessible and inexpensive.

However, food expert and mom Tania Boughton says healthy foods can be tasty, cheap and easy.

"If we can bring home some healthy recipes to get parents in the kitchen, get them cooking, and out of the drive-thru, that's a win-win,” says Boughton.

For a simple, healthy breakfast, start with Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. Then, add some berries and top with granola. It’s a homemade parfait!

Boughton recently took her passion for healthy eating to schools and launched "Check The Light Before You Bite."

"The premise behind our program is we are rewarding the kids for making healthy decisions," Boughton says.

The formula is easy: greens are healthy foods, yellow means eat occasionally, and reds are foods to stay away from. Kids earn points and cash them in for prizes online.

"Just make better decisions and steer away from the red foods, and get into the green foods," Boughton explains.

However, she says that doesn’t mean food doesn’t have to taste good. Kids can even enjoy those classics.

For a healthy pizza, use whole wheat English muffins. Then add tomato sauce, cheese, turkey pepperoni, and load it with veggies like mushrooms, peppers, and olives.

Bake it for a few minutes and you've got a healthy after school snack that’s so good, kids approve.

Both of the recipes take less than five minutes and cost under $5 to make.

Get more information on Boughton's "Check The Light Before You Bite" program.