Want more money in your paycheck?

A survey from the American Psychological Association last year found one in three Americans reported feeling stressed out, underpaid, and overworked. And getting a raise can sometimes feel out of your control.

But experts say neither being too aggressive nor too quiet will get what you want, but here ís what will:

Start by researching your worth.

Use salary comparison websites to find out what your job is worth.

Be confident.

Use the research you've done with your accomplishments to present a case to your boss. Make sure you sell yourself instead of begging.

Choose a time after completing a challenging project to approach your boss about the raise.

But don't ask after you missed your goals or your company had a bad sales month.

If your boss turns down your request, don't get discouraged.

Instead, ask what you could do to merit the raise, or try asking for a bonus instead of a salary increase.