One organization is helping cancer patients keep up their strength, one sip at a time.

A group of teens is volunteering time to help cancer patients. They work with the Ceres Community Project to learn how to cook healthy foods for people who need it most.

"Food can offer tremendous benefits of nourishment when people are in the most trying phases of an illness," explains Julie Burford, who works for the Ceres Community Project.

The teens learn how to slice and dice from a holistic nutritionist who teaches them to prepare food for patients who may not have the time or the strength to eat healthy.

"As you go through [cancer] treatment and you find eating to be so difficult, if you can only manage to swallow one thing, [our] magic mineral broth has more of those things in it that you need than anything else," Burford said.

The mineral broth is made with fresh carrots, onions, leeks, potatoes, and yams. Add in a little parsley, allspice bay leaves, and Kombu. After it simmers for a few hours, strain the broth and serve.

Burford says this recipe and others created daily in the Ceres kitchen serve a dual purpose.

They give patients a healthy meal and give kids a new passion for healthy cooking and for helping others.