Move over spinach and say hello to the super green kale.

The nutrient-rich powerhouse is being hailed as a natural way to lower cholesterol and fight cancer, but its sturdy texture makes some wonder how to cook with it.

We show you how in Chef's Corner.

Kale - it's loaded with vitamins A, C, and K and phytonutrients known to fight cancer, but it also has another reputation. T

hat's where sous chef Macy MacNealy comes in with a delicious way to serve up the queen of greens.

"Even though it's kind of bitter, you can still make it taste good," sous chef MacNealy says.

First up: yellowtail snapper with kale pesto.

"So what I'm doing right now is de-stemming the kale," explains MacNealy.

Add garlic and your choice of raw nuts. Add kale and let it cook for 30 seconds. Place shallots, parsley, basil, mint, and the kale mixture in a blender with a little olive oil.

MacNealy says, "So I'm also going to add some agave, which is also helping with the bitterness of the kale."

Next, grab your filleted fish.

"I'm going to go ahead and sear it, flip it, top it with the pesto," explains MacNealy. "So once I get that coated, I'm going to go ahead and pop it in the oven and in the meantime I'm going to go ahead and work on my pasta."

Cut these veggies for the orzo and don't forget the garlic; saute together. Add kale, orzo, roasted sweet potatoes and you're done.

"It has some nice vibrant colors," says MacNealy. "I think it's very nice for summer."

There you have it, yellowtail snapper with kale pesto and sundried tomato, sweet potato, and red kale orzo.

Another reason to switch to kale is just one cup of raw kale packs more than 100% of the daily requirements of vitamins A, C, and K.

The leafy greens also have lutein, which helps to keep eyes and vision healthy.