Life Lessons: Stick to your New Year's resolutions

Posted: 5:00 AM EST Dec 31, 2013
Life Lessons Stick to your New Year s resolutions

Once the ball has dropped and the toasts have been made, it will be time to make good on those resolutions.

The American Psychological Association has five easy ways to make themĀ  stick.

First is to start small; make a resolution you can realistically maintain throughout the year.

Next is to change one behavior at a time.

Reversing unhealthy behaviors will take time, so taking them on one at a time will make it easier to change in the long run.

Third is to talk about your resolution.

Sharing your goal will not only make it easier to reach, but will also make you feel more accountable for it.

Also, don't beat yourself up for slipping. Instead, resolve to get back on the track you set.

Last, ask for support if you need it. Don't be afraid to get help if you're not able to reach the goal on your own.

According to a Marist poll, last year 59 percent of people under the age of 45 made resolutions, but only one-third kept theirs.

Only 28 percent of people over the age of 45 said they made a resolution.