"Losing weight affects the amount of weight on a joint, so the weight you lose decreases the amount of pressure on your joints," she said. "Even losing 10 pounds makes a big impact on effects of arthritis."

Posture can have an effect on some symptoms, as well. Make sure that you are sitting up straight while seated. Make sure the posture of your hands and wrists is correct when working on a computer. Check the firmness of your bed -- depending on your sleeping position, you may need a softer or firmer bed to alleviate some pain.

Do You Have Arthritis?

While anyone can take steps to improve their overall health and joint conditioning, those having problems should get checked by a doctor.

Symptoms that may be signs of arthritis include joints that are swollen, stiff, sore or hot to the touch. Fatigue and swollen organs or eyes can also indicate a problem.

The Arthritis Foundation offers an online quiz to see if you are at risk and links local programs for those suffering with arthritis.

But seeing a doctor can get you profession guidance to improve your pain management and treatment of symptoms.

Children especially need to see the correct specialist, and there are few pediatric rheumatologists available to offer treatment.

Spotting Arthritis In Your Furry Friends

Humans aren't the only animals to experience arthritis. As many as 1 in 5 pets exhibit signs of arthritis.

Signs that Fido could have arthritis can include favoring a limb, difficulty sitting or standing, increased sleeping, hesitancy running, jumping or climbing stairs, weight gain and being less alert.

Leitner-Baxter stressed that, whether talking about a child, adult or an animal, prevention is the best medicine.

"When you take care of your joints, you take care of your arthritis," said Leitner-Baxter. "Do things you can do now to slow the progression in the future."