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Pumping gas

Chad Blimline/69 News

Labor Day weekend travelers getting relief at pump

Warm weather and lower gas prices are helping drive more people to make a final road trip before summer comes to a close.

Pumping gas

Ferre Dollar/CNN

America's cheapest gas is in this town

You think the gas near you is getting cheaper? Try filling up in the South Carolina city of Rock Hill.


Mike Blake/Reuters

Spider webs cause car recall again

Apparently spiders like Japanese cars a little too much. Suzuki became the fourth Japanese automaker forced to recall cars because of problems caused by spiders spinning webs inside of the cars.

8th St Bridge lane closure

Bridge lane closure will clog traffic in Allentown

Drivers heading across Allentown's Eight Street Bridge will have to find a new route Thursday.

2013 Suzuki Kizashi

Spiders force Suzuki to recall midsize cars

Who knew a small spider could spin such big problems?

GM logo

GM image

GM's compensation fund gets 100th death claim

General Motors executives have said the company would "do the right thing" for victims of its massive recall, and so far, 100 families are seeking money for someone who died.

Life Lessons How not to get ripped off by your mechanic

Life Lessons: How not to get ripped off by your mechanic

A recent car care council survey found that nine out of 10 women believe they are treated differently than men, when it comes to car repairs.

Highway, traffic

Ferre Dollar/CNN

Highway with the top speed limit is ...

As America gets ready to head out on the highway next weekend for Labor Day, it might be a good thing to remember those speed limits.

2014 Ford Escape


Ford recalling more than 160,000 vehicles

Ford is recalling more than 160,000 vehicles in North America for two safety issues.

Hamilton Blvd/222 Bypass at I-78 in Lower Macungie Twp

Google Maps

Lower Mac commissioners approve traffic simulation study

Lower Macungie commissioner want to stay ahead of traffic congestion issues in the township.

Forks Twp. Supervisors

Forks looks to slow down speeders

Officials in one growing Northampton County community are looking for ways to slow down speeding drivers.

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