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It's OK to let your baby cry himself to sleep, study finds

Many new parents long for a full night of glorious, uninterrupted sleep yet shudder at the thought of letting their baby "cry it out," the sleep training method in which parents…

Disney World

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'Frozen' ride to open at Disney World next month

For the first time in forever, Disney World will have a "Frozen" ride.

Soleil Moon Frye, Jason Goldberg

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'Punky Brewster' star names son Story

Former "Punky Brewster" star Soleil Moon Frye, already a fan of unique baby names, kept the streak going by naming her newborn son Story.

Mother, daughter using laptop computer

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Study: Mom's voice works like a charm on your brain

Less than one second. That's how long it takes children to recognize their mother's voice. And that voice lights a child's brain up like a Christmas tree.

religion cross against blue sky

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Study: Going to church could help you live longer

Many Americans say they attend church because it helps them stay grounded and gives them spiritual guidance. A new study suggests that regular attendance may also help increase…

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

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Congresswoman's transgender PSA: 'Family is everything'

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen doesn't often break ranks with her conservative colleagues.

But new ads from the fiery Florida congresswoman fly in the face of arguments some fellow…

Devon Still wedding

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NFL star Devon Still marries, daughter is flower girl

There were tears, laughter and joy at this NFL player's New York City wedding.

Sheryl Sandberg

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Sheryl Sandberg talks about her husband's death for the first time

Addressing Berkeley graduates on Saturday, Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg spoke publicly for the first time about her husband's death.

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About that alarming swaddling and SIDS study ...

Swaddling, the art of snugly wrapping an infant in a garment for warmth and security, is a go-to for sleep-deprived parents the world over.

Baby expert upon sleep guru upon wise…

Frontier Airlines plane

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Frontier Airlines pilots challenge breastfeeding policies

Four female pilots are filing discrimination charges against Frontier Airlines, alleging the company's policies on pregnancy and nursing fail to accommodate breastfeeding…


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E-cigarette poisonings in kids skyrocket

The number of children under 6 poisoned by nicotine in e-cigarettes rose by nearly 1,500% between 2013 and 2015.

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One Tank Trip

One Tank Trip: George Taylor House

One Tank Trip George Taylor House

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

You can walk right into a piece of the past in Lehigh County.

One Tank Trip: Seminary Ridge Museum

One Tank Trip Seminary Ridge Museum

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

It's the battle of Gettysburg like you've probably never seen it before.

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