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ICU Wedding

Courtesy Julie Schandolph Photogaphy via CNN

Daughter marries at dying father's bedside

Candice Hammonds and Thomas Burkett had planned to get married on October 1. But in late August, doctors in Thomaston, Georgia, delivered some heartbreaking news: Candace's…

celeb kids - Pitt Jolie

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International

Helping kids survive a (very public) divorce

It was a marriage made in Hollywood, and one many people throughout the world may have envied, but now comes the divorce with all-too-real consequences for the children.

John Legend takes President Award

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awards

John Legend talks politics and parenting

John Legend thinks Donald Trump is "uniquely terrible."

Chelsea Clinton Ivanka Trump

Peter Kramer/NBC via CNN; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Trump, Clinton turn to their daughters

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are hitting the campaign trail and the airwaves this week as they attempt to boost their parents' presidential ambitions over the final stretch…

TWITTER generic

Mary Turner/Getty Images

Social media swoons at Essence magazine photos of Obamas

Turns out, a picture is worth a thousand words. Or in this case, thousands of tweets.

newborn baby hand holding parent's finger

Chris Greene/FreeImages

Baby born on plane gets free tickets for life

They say walk before you can run, but chances are, this kid will probably just fly.

dying mother's note


Lost letter from dying mom found in used book

Gordon Draper, the owner of Bondgate Books in Bishop Auckland, England was going through a stack of books at his store when an envelope containing a handwritten letter slipped out…



Jerusalem family thrives in ancient tattoo business

For 700 years, Christian pilgrims have sought out the Razzouk family for their specialist skills.

Yevette Vasquez, a singleTexas mom, decided to dress for the part when her son's school had a Donuts with Dad event

Courtesy Yevette Vasquez via CNN

Mom dresses as dad for 'Donuts with Dad' day

Some single moms say they have to be both mother and father to their kids.

Toys R Us store sign

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

American Girl dolls coming to Toys R Us stores

American Girl dolls used to only be available online, in catalogs, or a handful of specialty shops. But starting in October, they're coming to Toys R Us stores.

Couple wears matching clothes

@AnthonyGarguila via CNN

Couple married for 52 years sports matching outfits

Some mega-adorable pictures of a set of grandparents wearing matching outfits were posted to Twitter last night, and we honestly can't get enough.



One Tank Trip

One Tank Trip: Mansion at Fort Hunter Park

One Tank Trip Mansion at Fort Hunter Park

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

One way to learn about the future is to dig into the past.

One Tank Trip: Burnside Plantation

One Tank Trip Burnside Plantation

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so if the orchard is in your backyard, you should be in pretty good shape.

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