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newborn baby hand holding parent's finger

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Company makes life easier for employees with babies

Consulting firm Accenture said it's expanding parental benefits to help employees ease back into work after having a child.

The company joins a long line of businesses this year…

Surrogacy 1

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Chinese are hiring surrogate moms in America

After years of hoping for a baby, Linda Zhang was heartbroken to learn that she and her husband couldn't conceive. She considered tapping China's underground surrogacy network,…



Couples sharing childcare burden are happier

Couples that raise children together -- and share the burden of childcare fairly equally -- are happier together, according to a new study.

Star Wars, 16x9 cropped

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Bullied girl gets 'Star Wars' fan support

Eight-year-old Layla Murphy is hardly alone among kids and adult "Star Wars" fans worldwide, but many of those fans don't have to deal with school bullies.



Study: 'Happy' friends can help teens battle depression

For teenagers, surrounding themselves with friends -- particularly friends in a good mood -- could significantly reduce their risk of developing depression, and improve their…

Tooth Fairy


Survey: Tooth fairy paying less

Children in the U.S. are receiving an average of $3.19 per lost tooth this year, a decrease of 24 cents from last year, according to Visa's annual Tooth Fairy survey.

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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison hackers post millions of customer names

Hackers who stole Ashley Madison customers' personal information have followed through with their threat to release it to the public.

The hackers claim to have posted 32 million…

Mom changing child

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Study: Stressed out parents unlikely to have 2nd child

If they're being honest, most mothers will tell you that no matter how badly you want a child, the transition to parenthood is hard. Really hard.

Sesame Street muppet dad in jail

Sesame Workshop

'Sesame Street' is heading to HBO

Can you tell me how to get to HBO?

New episodes of "Sesame Street," the iconic and beloved children's television show, will be distributed by HBO starting this fall.

"Sesame Street"…

Eye bucket-list

Courtesy Christine Myers

Parents create 'visual bucket list' for daughter

What would you want to see if you knew that you would go blind in the next five to 10 years?

Empty pockets

CEO defends $70,000 minimum for employees

It's been four months since Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments, unveiled a plan to provide even his most junior employees with a salary of $70,000.

Many cheered the…

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One Tank Trip

One Tank Trip: Carbon County Environmental Education Center

One Tank Trip Carbon County Environmental Education Center

You can take a walk, a self-guided tour, on the elevated boardwalk trail at the Carbon County Environmental Education Center in Summit Hill, Pa.

One Tank Trip: Reading Public Museum

One Tank Trip Reading Public Museum

At the Louvre in Paris, catching a glimpse of Mona Lisa can take hours. The painting is behind bulletproof glass and raised up high. Here in Berks County there are no lines and you can be eye to eye

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