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Fire up the grill with Dundore and Heister

Fire up the grill with Dundore and Heister

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to get outside and fire up the grill.

Sunrise Chef Mary Grube of Easton Public Market

Sunrise Chef Mary Grube of Easton Public Market

It's time to head into kitchen. We're pleased to welcome in Mary Grube. She's a professional cooking instructor as well as a kitchen coordinator at the Easton Public Market. 

Meat on grill Attrick

Pork chops with bacon-Gouda stuffing

Kick your grilling to new heights!

Barbecue sauce


Kansas City-style barbecue sauce

While the folks in Kansas City are certainly no slouches when it comes to smoking meat, the real star of their barbecue show is the sauce.

Grilled chicken

National Chicken Council

Grilled citrus chicken with kiwi-mango salsa

Wake up your grilled chicken dinner with these amazing flavors!

Food Truck Mondays Uncle Paul s Stuffed Pretzels

Food Truck Mondays: Uncle Paul's Stuffed Pretzels

Today husband and wife Michael and Katie Meyer, owners of Uncle Paul's Stuffed Pretzels stopped by Hamilton Blvd. across the street from Macungie Crossing to deliver their take on…

Eating, food, burger, hamburger, mouth

Chipotle burgers

These burgers will dance on the grill and on your tongue!


Pontus Edenberg/

Beyond Meat's burger drips canola oil not blood

A new burger is about to hit the market. It looks and cooks like it's made of beef. But there's one key difference -- it's entirely plant based.

Sunrise Chef Blue Mountain Resort Catering

Sunrise Chef: Blue Mountain Catering

It's time to head to kitchen, where this morning we are welcoming in Blue Mountain Resort Catering.

Catering Chef James Downing, Banquet Chef Lou Basta and Marketing Specialist…


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