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Sunrise Chef Jim Axe

Sunrise Chef: Jim Axe

When you need a bite to eat in the Coal Region, consider stopping by the Slopeside Pub & Grill at Blue Mountain Resort in Palmerton.

Hamburgers on grill

Stephen J. Sullivan/SXC

Italian chicken burgers

Get a little Italian flavor on the grill!

Shrimp lo mein


Five-spice shrimp and noodles with plum sauce

Five-spice powder lends its classic Chinese flavor to this dish.



Spinach and carrot crostini

Colorful and healthy, this one's a great nibble!

Easy Eats Keftedes

Easy Eats: Keftedes

Not sure what to make your family for dinner this week? Don't have time to pick up groceries for a new recipe? 69 News at 4 is here to help!

garlic cloves and onion

robert wetzlmayr/SXC


The ultimate "platform" for your culinary creativity.


Diamonds in the rough

Sometimes the best food comes from the most unlikely-looking place.

ArtsQuest celebrates grilled cheese month

ArtsQuest celebrates grilled cheese month

ArtsQuest is preparing for their annual grilled cheese and beer pairing event.

Sunrise Chef Mike Geary

Sunrise Chef: Mike Geary

If you're craving a sandwich, but want a new twist on old favorites, check out the Old School Sandwich Company.

Mad Men themed party

The Bookstore Speakeasy shows us how to throw a Mad Men themed party

If you are gearing up to throw a party during the final season of Mad Men, we have some fun ideas for you.

Sunrise Chef Mike Dontas

Sunrise Chef: Mike Dontas

Cooking for family this Easter holiday? Here are some recipes they're sure to love!

French Toast

Stock Xchng

Vegan French toast

Yes, it's possible ... and delicious!


michael lorenzo/SXC

Croissants stuffed with scrambled eggs, apples and brie

These will be the star of your weekend brunch!

Grated cheese

Cast-iron frittata

This basic recipe is ready for anything you want to add to it! Anything you can put in an omelet you can put in a frittata.


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