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Take A Taco talks Musikfest

Take A Taco talks Musikfest

With Musikfest around the corner, a staple of the food scene is the talk of the Bethlehem festival.

Chef Segment Laurin Fegley

Chef Segment: Laurin Fegley

Laurin Fegley and Abe Lopze with Simply Smooth Catering in Allentown joined 69 News at Sunrise with some seasonal delights.

Grilled chicken

National Chicken Council

Pesto chicken salad with red grapes

Serve this for a light dinner or an elegant Sunday brunch.

Easy Eats Return to Elegance with Mary Grube

Easy Eats: Pizza with homemade sauce

Northampton Community College cooking instructor Mary Grube shows how to make pizzas with a delicious, fresh homemade sauce.

Sunrise Chef Geo Dodig and James Gasper 1

Sunrise Chef: Heirloom Fine Dining

Geo Dodig and James Gasper, founders of Heirloom Fine Dining, highlight locally grown produce at their Montgomery County restaurant.


Take tequila up a notch

Keep summer's heat at bay with some great drink recipes, and learn more about tequila!



Capellini with crabmeat and tomatoes

Complex flavors and rich crabmeat make this dish a winner!

Salad dressing


Sweet and sour cucumber slices

This cool, refreshing side pairs very well with spicy foods.

Sunrise Chef Cura Hospitality

Sunrise Chef: Cura Hospitality

A number of nursing home residents in the Lehigh Valley are served breakfast, lunch and dinner by the chefs of Cura Hospitality. 


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  • Kansas City-style barbecue sauce

    Barbecue sauce


    While the folks in Kansas City are certainly no slouches when it comes to smoking meat, the real star of their barbecue show is the sauce.


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