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Sunrise Chef Fred Duerr

Sunrise Chef: Fred Duerr

Owner and executive chef of the Rising Sun Inn in Teleford taught us a few elegant dishes we can make at home for our Valentine.

romantic Valentine's Day dinner with rose


Chocolate-cherry bread pudding with sherry cream

This decadent treat will finish off any romantic dinner.

romantic Valentine's Day dinner with rose


Liquid chocolate with angel food croutons

Serve your valentine something decadent!

Sunrise Chef Dina Deleasa

Hosting a Super Bowl party? Don't miss the game cooking, prep ahead!

Saturday morning Chef Dina Deleasa, the Dish It Girl, joined 69 News at Sunrise to teach us some new Super Bowl recipes and how to prep ahead for the big game.

Sunrise Chef Fat Jack s BBQ

Sunrise Chef: Fat Jack's BBQ

Glenn Gross, CEO and pitmaster at Fat Jack's BBQ in Chester County, offers some snack ideas for Sunday's Super Bowl.



Zippy meatballs

Make a batch of these tasty meatballs the next time you have people over to watch the game. But be sure to make plenty, because they won't last very long.

Guacamole file photo

funwithfood/iStock Image

Guacamole-gouda quesadilla wedges

Use your homemade guacamole to prepare this fantastic snack.

Black bean quesadillas

Go south of the border for dinner tonight!

Cheesy sausage rollups

These will disappear by the handful at your big game party!


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