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Layered spinach noodle salad with lime-ginger dressing

This salad can even go vegetarian, if you wish.

Easy Eats Return to Elegance with Mary Grube

Easy Eats: Pizza with homemade sauce

Northampton Community College cooking instructor Mary Grube shows how to make pizzas with a delicious, fresh homemade sauce.

Sunrise Chef Geo Dodig and James Gasper 1

Sunrise Chef: Heirloom Fine Dining

Geo Dodig and James Gasper, founders of Heirloom Fine Dining, highlight locally grown produce at their Montgomery County restaurant.


Take tequila up a notch

Keep summer's heat at bay with some great drink recipes, and learn more about tequila!



Capellini with crabmeat and tomatoes

Complex flavors and rich crabmeat make this dish a winner!

Salad dressing


Sweet and sour cucumber slices

This cool, refreshing side pairs very well with spicy foods.

Sunrise Chef Cura Hospitality

Sunrise Chef: Cura Hospitality

A number of nursing home residents in the Lehigh Valley are served breakfast, lunch and dinner by the chefs of Cura Hospitality. 

Chef s Corner Foster mom chicken bake

Chef's Corner: Foster mom chicken bake

Chef Shirley Stamper’s kitchen is not just for making food, but also for making memories.

Sunrise Chef 1

Sunrise Chef : Nick Sandt, Dori Kichline, Nicole Hendershot and Kelsey Kichline

The Lehigh Valley's top caterer's joined 69 News at Sunrise with some of their appetizers.


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