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tortilla chips and nacho cheese

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Chili tortilla strips

These go great with soup, or just as a snack!

Fried cheese


Cheese sticks

Got soup? Now you have a go-with.



This classic appetizer is quick and easy to make, and amazingly versatile!

Sunrise Chef Loui s Restaurant

Sunrise Chef: Louie Belletiere

"You'll love it at Louie's!"  That's the slogan for Louie's Restaurant in Allentown and with 57 years experience they must be doing something right!  

Grated cheese

Cast-iron frittata

This basic recipe is ready for anything you want to add to it! Anything you can put in an omelet you can put in a frittata.

garlic cloves and onion

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Caramelized onion frittata with chimichurri sauce

Never tried chimichurri before? You're gonna love it!

Sunrise Chef Prime Steak House

Sunrise Chef: Prime Steak House

John Wolf, manager and chef from Prime Steak House in Hanover Township, visited the WFMZ kitchen Friday morning to prepare pulled pork apple cider sandwiches topped with winter…

Easy Eats Strata

Easy Eats: Strata

69 News at 4 is bringing you recipes for fast, easy, and fun weeknight dinners. On this edition of Easy Eats, Northampton Community College cooking instructor Mary Grube shows us…

Squash blurb

Zucchini pancakes

These tempters will disappear as fast as you cook them!


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