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Croissants stuffed with scrambled eggs, apples and brie

These will be the star of your weekend brunch!

Grated cheese

Cast-iron frittata

This basic recipe is ready for anything you want to add to it! Anything you can put in an omelet you can put in a frittata.


Gravy for the soul

Gravy isn't some mystical concoction. It's a delicious way to make use of the drippings and goodies left over when you cook.

French Toast

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Ham and cheese-stuffed French toast

Use this recipe for a fantastic brunch!

The Sunrise crew gets a taste of Belgian french fries

The Sunrise crew gets a taste of Belgian fries from Frites

A new spot in the Lehigh Valley called Frites is cooking up something different... Belgian fries.

Sunrise Chef Jamie McKeon

Sunrise Chef: Jamie McKeon

Whether you're training for a marathon or just looking for ways to eat healthier, we have three new recipes for you.

Salad, lettuce

Sweet potato salad with chicken

Boring potato salad? Never again!

salmon fish fillets on grill

suzie long/SXC

Southwest Sole

Wake up your taste buds with this "sole" food!

Vegetable garden

Diced vegetables in endive leaves with sherry-plum sauce

Use up all the vegetables in your crisper drawer to vary the selection!

Easy Eats Mary Grube

Easy Eats: Mary Grube

Not sure what to make your family for dinner this week?

Sunrise Chef Mark Prostko

Sunrise Chef: Mark Prostko

Ever wonder what it was like to share a meal on the opulent HMS Titanic?

Recipe of the day, spices

Greek snapper with feta cheese

Amazing flavors will make this dish a repeat request!

Sunrise Chef Chris Mullin

Sunrise Chef: Chris Mullin

It's spring and that means time for Restaurant Week in the Poconos.

Tempeh Reubens

Try this vegetarian twist on the old deli favorite!


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