Mike Geary of the Old School Sandwich Company in South Whitehall Twp. boasts his restaurant's creative sandwich recipes.  His inspiration may just be able to help you tweak your Super Bowl menu so you're not eating the same thing as last year!

Gume By Ya--  1 Fresh Toasted Portugese Roll

                          2 ounces pepperoni sliced thin

                          2 ounces aged provolone sliced

                          4 ounces fresh roasted turkey sliced thin

                          1 handful sautéed spinach in oil and garlic 

                          1 oven roasted roma tomato

                          1 1/2 ounces fresh roasted garlic aioli

Assemble sandwich by placing Garlic Aioli on Toasted Portuguese then place cheese on bottom half. We then pile turkey and pepperoni on top. The sautéed spinach and roma tomatoes should be served hot right on top of meat then place top roll on and cut in half. Serve with our own homemade kettle chips that we make every morning

Big Daddy- 2 slices of thick sliced sourdough

                   8 ounces homemade meatloaf

                   3 ounces caramelized onion

                   4 ounces crack mac

                   2 ounces barbeque sauce

Place sourdough on flat top with butter. Heat your meatloaf, caramelized onion up also with it. While getting hot and golden brown heat up your crack mac in sauté pan. Place the meatloaf on 1 slice of grilled bread then top with Carmel onion. Add your barbeque on top and crack mac on top of that. Finish with the other slice of bread, cut in half and serve with Jersey Salts.

The Barracuda - 4 ounces fresh thinly sliced roast beef

                           1 piece of focaccia bread

                           2 ounces of fresh mozzarella

                           3 slices beefsteak tomatoes

                           5 31/40 shrimp

                           1 clove garlic

                           2 tbs. lemon

                           2 ounces white wine

                           2 tbs. butter

                           1 tbs. chopped parsley and basil