Health Beat: New ways to check your heart health

It used to be that the best way to test your heart health was with an echocardiogram, a stress test or an x-ray, but doctors say those tests in women reveal false positives 35 percent of the time. Researchers are now developing better ways of detecting heart disease, and they require only a drop of blood.

Health Beat: Diaphragm paralysis hits 2 friends

It's often misdiagnosed and can restrict breathing and reduce lung capacity to that of someone 30 years older, but a new procedure is now treating a debilitating condition called diaphragm paralysis.

Health Beat: 2 machines to look younger

Wrinkles, brown spots and enlarged pores are just some of the changes that come as we age. Two new FDA-approved treatments are helping people save face as they get older.

Health Beat: Building an artificial kidney

Progress on a new artificial kidney has been so promising the FDA has fast-tracked its development. That's potentially life-saving news for the 100,000 people the National Kidney Foundation says are on a waiting list for a transplant right now. Only 20,000 kidneys will be available for them this year.

Health Beat: Sleep training your babies

Every parent-to-be hears that age-old advice: Better get sleep while you can, but sleep deprivation doesn't have to go hand-in-hand with parenting. In fact, pediatric sleep experts say, by four or five months old, babies should be sleeping 12 hours a night, but how do you get them to do that? Is it better to let them cry it out, or do you rush in to comfort them at the first scream? Everyone has a different opinion, so a pediatric sleep consultant offers advice on the best way to turn your little beast into a beauty... a sleeping beauty that is.

Health Beat: Opioid implant

Buprenorphine is fast becoming the treatment of choice when it comes to opioid addiction. It used to only come in a pill or patch, but the FDA recently approved a first-of-its-kind implant that goes in the arm. It's called probuphine.

Health Beat: Better Lasik, better vision

Lasik correction surgery has revolutionized how doctors treat vision problems. Now, there’s a new way to personalize the procedure. It's offering results that are easy to see.

Health Beat: Epilepsy and Neurospace

Epilepsy affects three million people every day. For many of them, it's something that can be treated, but not cured. Now, a new FDA-approved device, called Neuropace, is changing the lives of some people living with epilepsy.

Health Beat: Fighting cancer together

Health Beat Fighting cancer together

Patients with rare cancers often feel lonely and misunderstood, but could they find comfort in each other? Two young strangers became instant friends when they found out they were battling the same disease, and both were in their early 20s.

Health Beat: NuVal scores: Healthy choices made easy

When it comes to healthy eating, the nutrition fact label is a great guide, but a Nielsen study found that 59 percent of shoppers have a hard time understanding exactly what those labels really mean. Now, grocery stores are trying to make it easier in the form of a "nutritional value," or NuVal, score. Some grocery stores are starting to post that score right next to the price.


Life Lessons: Seventh Avenue Apothecary

Life Lessons Seventh Avenue Apothecary

Talk about competition. Your challenge: create a candle to stand out in the two-billion dollar industry. But Erin Grossman and her family did just that.

Life Lessons: Wisdom Wednesday: Mistakes

Life Lessons Wisdom Wednesday Mistakes

We all make mistakes in our lives but how should we think about them?

Life Lessons: Behind-the-screen: Computer vision syndrome

Life Lessons Behind-the-screen

Between Netflix, video games, cell phones and work, Americans spend multiple hours a day looking at screens.

Life Lessons: Women, stress, and food

(img1)Life Lessons Women stress and food

The type of fat you eat matters, but a new study suggests that the benefits of good fats vanish when stress enters the picture.

Life Lessons: Best temperature for sleep

40 percent of all Americans get less sleep than the seven to nine hours recommended by the national sleep foundation. Experts say that cooler sleeping temperatures may help.

Life Lessons: Training kids with autism for the workplace

The number of adults living with autism is growing every year. In Pennsylvania, authorities say the number has tripled in the last six years.

Life Lessons: Wisdom Wednesday: Refuel

Life Lessons Wisdom Wednesday Refuel

The American Medical Association says stress if the basic cause of more than 60 percent of all illnesses and diseases.

Life Lessons: Shakespeare helps kids with autism

Life Lessons Shakespeare helps kids with autism

A new study showed improvement in the social and communication skills of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) using a signature approach pairing the recitation of Shakespeare’s rhythmic language with physical gesture.

Life Lessons: Nutrition in a pill: Worth it or worthless

Life Lessons Nutrition in a pill Worth it or worthless

It can be challenging to get all the nutrients you need for a healthy diet which is why many people turn to supplements, including vitamins and dietary pills.

Life Lessons: Chef's Corner: Mexican Fiesta!

Life Lessons Chef s Corner Mexican Fiesta

Fading are the unlimited Las Vegas buffets being replaced with top chefs

Life Lessons: Centering pregnancy: Preventing diabetes?

Life Lessons Centering pregnancy Preventing diabetes

As many as nine percent of all pregnant women in the United States develop a condition called gestational diabetes, and the numbers may be higher in urban areas.

Life Lessons: Soccer injuries double

Life Lessons Soccer injuries double

Soccer is an increasingly popular sport in the United States, both professionally and recreationally, with over 3 million registered soccer players under 19 years of age playing in leagues every year.

Life Lessons: Is your fitness tracker accurate

Life Lessons Is your fitness tracker accurate

More than 19 million fitness trackers were used last year. It’s not hard to find someone wearing one of these devices nowadays.

Life Lessons: Outdated concussion information

Life Lessons Outdated concussion information

A new national survey, commissioned by UCLA Health, reveals that a vast majority of parents may be following outdated advice when caring for a child with a concussion, and it could be making their child’s symptoms worse.

Life Lessons: Wisdom Wednesday: Regret

Life Lessons Wisdom Wednesday Regret

In our series Wisdom Wednesday, we look at the subject of regret by interviewing Lehigh Valley women for their thoughts and reflections.


Recipes From The Kitchen

Culture through Cuisine: Bison

Culture through Cuisine Bison

People are eating healthier these days, and with the variety of options in grocery stores, it's not hard to make good selections.

Easy Eats: Lemon garlic chicken

Easy Eats Lemon garlic chicken

On this edition of Easy Eats, Executive Chef Char Hartley at Northampton Community College shows us a delicious and easy take on chicken breast, plus a side dish with ingredients you can grab right from your garden.

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Music Monday

Music Monday: Chad Reinert

It's a busy time for country music singer-songwriter Chad Reinert.  He's on the road promoting a new album.  WFMZ's Jaciel Cordoba spoke with him for Music Monday on 69 News at Sunrise.

Music Monday: Lizanne Knott

Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Lizanne Knott visits 69 News at Sunrise for Music Monday.

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