The latest crazy diet trend? Tongue patches

Abrasive patch stitched to tongue, making it painful to eat

Posted: 10:11 AM EDT Jun 10, 2013   Updated: 10:55 AM EDT Jun 10, 2013
Tongue patch diet

A new diet fad taking Venezuela by storm is hard for some health experts to swallow.

The brainchild of Beverly Hills-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nikolas Chugay, the tongue patch diet is designed to make eating food so painful that patients only consume liquids, losing up to 30 pounds in a month, MSN reported.

The postage stamp-sized patch is secured to the top of the tongue with six stitches.

It's made out of the abrasive material normally used to repair hernias, according to The Huffington Post.

Side effects can include difficulty speaking and a tendency to wake abruptly from sleep.

Also, it can only be worn for a month at a time because, after that, the patch fuses to the tongue surface, UPI reported.

While popular in Venezuela and other countries, health experts and cosmetic surgeons say the tongue patch diet is dangerous and can do more harm than good.

"With any kind of thing you put in there and suture into the tongue, you run the risk of getting an infection," California cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo told the Christian Post. "You're going to be drooling a lot, it's going to be really painful... You could get an ulcer, an infection. It could dislodge and go down your throat and cause an airway obstruction."