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Lehigh Valley yoga festival kicks off

Lehigh Valley Yoga Festival kicks off

Moravian College will host the Lehigh Valley Yoga Festival which begins on Saturday.

SkillsUSA students build planes

Desert View High School via CNN

These high schoolers are manufacturing airplane parts

Lots of high school students have after-school jobs. But not that many are manufacturing airplane parts after class.

Health Beat Saving knees with allograft

Health Beat: Saving knees with allograft

More than one-third of all Americans report being affected by knee pain. Knee replacement surgery can offer relief, but the implants only last between 12 and 15 years. Patients under the age of 40 aren't usually considered good candidates for the procedure because they would need too many revision operations. Now, there's a simple surgery that's saving knees in younger patients.

Zika research

IOC/Fiocruz via CNN

Pennsylvania to get federal funding to fight the Zika virus

Pennsylvania is getting about $1.8 million from the federal government to help fight the Zika virus.

Dr. Charles E. Rollins dies at 94; founding president of BCCC

The founding president of Bucks County Community College has died.

Health Beat: Resolution revolution

Cutting-edge technology is giving medical researchers a new window on cellular structure and function that could lead to new treatments for cancer and other diseases. Researchers say the more you can see, the more you can fix.

Health Beat: Tracking tech for the heart

This is not your father's heart-rate monitor. Wearable, stretchable electronics can now monitor several body functions and instantaneously send the information to a doctor. Here are more details on how the implications could be huge for patients in sickness and in health.


George Bilkonsky/Cuyahoga Community College via CNN

High school students built a bomb-seeking robot for the RNC

During the summer, you'll likely find most kids in swimming pools, collecting Pokemon or at camp.

Health Beat Mind-controlled hand

Health Beat: Mind-controlled hand

Researchers are testing ways to restore natural hand movements to people with a devastating brain injury or amputation. They're finding ways to restore the broken link from the brain to an artificial limb. They say for the very first time ever, they have found a way to have prosthetic fingers move independently, a monumental step for injured patients.

Life Lessons Alzheimer s

Life Lessons: Alzheimer's and the biggest mistake caregivers can make

For every person with Alzheimer’s there are about three people who take care of them.

Scholar weighs in on attempted Turkish coup

Local scholar weighs in on attempted Turkish coup

Muhlenberg College professor says Turkey's president is becoming fearful of any challenge.

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