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LVHN brings clinical trials to area to fight breast cancer

LVHN joining Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance

Lehigh Valley Health Network is joining the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance to improve patient access "to the latest and most effective cancer treatment  advances and highest-caliber cancer care."


Health Beat: Turning an 'outie' bellybutton into an 'innie'

Whether it happened during pregnancy or they were just born that way, thousands of women and men have "outie" bellybuttons they don't like. Now, they don't have to hide their tummies any more. A relatively new procedure can turn that "outie" into an "innie" in minutes.

AP history guidelines too liberal for some


Why kids are reading history for fun

Celia Ghezzi is just 8 years old, but she already knows plenty about Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller and other important historical figures.

That's because she's been devouring the "Who Was?" series of historical books for children.

"I like them so much...


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Teams find clothing accessibility solutions

"Your clothing vocabulary shouldn't be limited just because you have a certain physical condition."

That is the mantra that Grace Teo and Alice Chin choose to live by after creating the OpenStyleLab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Health Beat: Alzheimer's risk assessment

Alzheimer's disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States. One in three seniors will die with it, yet almost half of the people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers never know they have it. A first-of-its kind risk assessment clinic is now providing detailed information to healthy adults about their Alzheimer’s risk.

Tree with 40 fruit

Sam Van Aken

Professor grows trees that can bear 40 types of fruit

The first time Sam Van Aken saw tree branches being grafted and grown onto other trees, he likened it to Frankenstein. Yet, when the process became a full-time fascination, the Syracuse University art professor did not seek to create a monster but a piece of art.


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CVS pharmacy chain announces affiliation with LVHN

CVS has entered into a new clinical affiliation with Lehigh Valley Health Network that promises to "help enhance access to high-quality, affordable health care services for patients."

AP history guidelines too liberal for some


New AP US History teaching framework released

The College Board released its new Advanced Placement U.S. History teaching guidelines Thursday, following a year in which the previous framework was attacked for being anti-American.

Chick-fil-A at Broadcasting Square in Spring Township

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Chick-fil-A restaurants in Berks to help students in need

The three Chick-fil-A restaurants in Berks County are joining forces to help children in need this school year.

Health Beat: Check your heart with a pillow

Six-million Americans suffer from congestive heart failure, a weakening of the heart muscle that causes shortness of breath, fatigue and low energy. Damage to the heart can't be cured, but a new device allows doctors to monitor patients in real time and intervene quickly if the symptoms get worse.

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