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Crowd in Stroudsburg reacts to news of elementary school closings

Ramsey Elementary school to remain closed

Ramsey Elementary school will remain closed following a ruling by Judge Brown, Monday.

New superintendent focusing on safety long-term planning

New superintendent focusing on safety, long-term planning

Reading School District students will be starting a brand new school year next Monday under brand new superintendent Dr. Khalid Mumin.

Lehigh adopts app that aims to prevent crime on campus

Lehigh adopts app that aims to prevent crime on campus

A local college is literally putting safety in the hands of its students.

What s impact of Ice Bucket Challenge on ALS

What's impact of 'Ice Bucket Challenge' on ALS?

By now, you've likely heard about the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge. Everyone from movie stars to your next door neighbors are pouring buckets of water on their heads for a good cause.

Albright College students help spruce up Nolde Forest

Andrew Valentino/69 News

Albright College students help spruce up Nolde Forest

Albright College students are helping spruce up Nolde Forest in Cumru Township.

Health Beat: Heart surgery, transfusions: Blood conservation

Every two seconds in the United States, someone needs blood. One-fifth of the nation's entire blood supply is used during heart surgery. Blood transfusions are not only costly, but they can pose risks for patients. Now, some hospitals in the U.S. are significantly reducing transfusion rates during heart surgery.

Bethlehem s VegFest

Feed your soul at Bethlehem's VegFest

Mom always said to eat your veggies, and, this weekend, you'll have the perfect opportunity.

School lunch cafeteria


Healthy school lunches face tough taste test

Students in Gainesville, Georgia, are likely eating a better lunch than you today.

Wilson Area school district board meeting

Wilson gives parents 'portal' to kids' information

Parents in the Wilson Area School District in Northampton County will have a new way of accessing their children's grades and other information this year.

Construction delays opening of school near Hamburg

Jon Rodriguez/69 News

Construction delays opening of school near Shoemakersville

Elementary students in the Hamburg Area School District are getting a longer summer vacation.

School lunch cafeteria


Bangor hires Aramark to run school cafeteria

Dozens of cafeteria workers  packed Monday night’s marathon meeting of the Bangor school board to stop the Bangor Area School District from outsourcing management of its food services to Aramark, a multibillion dollar company with operations around the world.

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