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Health Beat: Paralyzed? No handicap

It has swept through 34 states and stricken almost 120 children. The Centers for Disease Control is investigating, but in the meantime, one young target of the disease is doing her best to fight back.

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Teacher wears bodysuit for anatomy lesson

Students weren't sure what to expect when their teacher stood in front of the classroom and started to undress.

IU Alpha Tau Omega shut down


Indiana frat shut down after sex vid surfaces

The charter of an Indiana University fraternity has been revoked after a video surfaced showing members cheering on a brother involved in a sexually explicit act with a woman.

The national organization of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity said it shut do...

East Hills Middle School sowing a garden as tribute

East Hills Middle School sowing a garden as tribute

Teachers, students, family and friends gathered at East Hills Middle School in Bethlehem to celebrate the establishment of Allison's Secret Garden Program

The delicious art of cheese-making

The delicious art of cheese-making

Stefanie Angstadt is an artisanal cheese maker, who is bringing her love of cheese and cheese making to the Lehigh Valley

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Homecoming poster instructions raising parent eyebrows

A South Carolina high school's flier advertising its homecoming dance included an addendum that is causing consternation among some parents.

Ryan Howard visits Bethlehem students

Ryan Howard visits Bethlehem students

There was a sea of red at Miller Heights Elementary Wednesday afternoon as Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard visited with students in Bethlehem

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Health Beat: Charcot foot: A step toward avoiding amputation

Diabetes is a growing problem in the United States, now affecting close to 30 million people. Diabetics who become increasingly obese are in danger of an ailment that often leads to amputation of their feet. Now, there's a breakthrough treatment that's become a last-chance option.

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New York inmates defeat Harvard debate team

In a debate between Harvard College students and those from any other college, some might guess that the Harvard students would win. And if the other side was a group of inmates at a maximum-security prison? Maybe even more so.

That would be a mistake...

Macaroni and cheese


Student berates campus employee over mac and cheese

A University of Connecticut student who is shown in a video verbally abusing a campus cafe employee over mac and cheese has been arrested, according to a Huffington Post report.

East Stroudsburg University

Monroe County man charged with prescription pill fraud

An East Stroudsburg man faces more than a dozen felony charges for allegedly obtaining hundreds of prescription pills by visiting at least 19 different doctors.

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