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Health Beat: Prostate cancer: Prevent it

The longer a man lives, the more likely he is to get prostate cancer at some point. Overall, one in seven men will be diagnosed with it in his lifetime, and the traditional test to spot it -- the PSA test -- has several drawbacks, including possible complications from biopsies that often follow, so why not try to avoid the tests altogether while cutting your risk of getting the disease?

St. Luke's Monroe campus taking shape

The first steel column of St. Luke's University Health Network's seventh hospital is has been placed.

Eat Food not Vitamins

Eat food, not vitamins

Supplements are supposed to help us absorb more nutrients for a healthier body. But many doctors say that if you eat a balanced diet, you won't need to take vitamins.

Rolling Stone ,UVA rape story


UVA frat sues Rolling Stone over bogus rape story

Three members of a University of Virginia fraternity sued Rolling Stone magazine Wednesday for a discredited story accusing frat members of gang raping a woman.

The suit also names the magazine's publisher, Wenner Media, and the reporter, Sabrina Erde...

Arbitration hearing held between Saucon Valley board

Arbitration hearing held between Saucon Valley board, teachers

An arbitration hearing was held Wednesday to discuss the long standing contract dispute between the Saucon Valley School District and the teachers' union

Former Nazareth wrestling coach Ray Nunamaker passes away

Former Nazareth wrestling coach Ray Nunamaker passes away

Ray Nunamaker passed away at his home Tuesday

Health Beat: Save your heart through your wrist

Every year, one-million Americans undergo a procedure called angioplasty. Doctors insert a catheter with a stent into a patient's artery to open blockages near their heart. Now, a new study may have cardiologists rethinking their approach, and for some patients, an easier recovery may be all in the wrist.

Obama Iran news conference

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Obama to offer Pell grants to prisoners

It's Prison Reform 101. The Obama administration will soon give some inmates the chance to take college courses on the government's dime.

Doctors offer tips for staying safe in high heat humidity

Doctors offer tips for staying safe in high heat, humidity

Doctors are urging folks to keep cool and hydrated during this week's high heat and humidity. 

Easton Area School District officials

Easton Area could pay $6 million more for Paxinosa repairs

Renovating Paxinosa Elementary could cost $6 million more than first anticipated, the project engineer told Easton Area School District officials Tuesday.

Health Beat: Personalized melanoma vaccine

The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it's no wonder that skin cancer is the most common cancer of them all. In fact, 3.5 million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year; 73,000 of them will be told they have melanoma — a cancer with no cure. Now, doctors are working on a personalized vaccine that could stop the deadly disease in its tracks.

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