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Mailer cause for concern among charter schools

Mailer cause for concern among charter schools

A mailer has been getting a lot of attention in Bethlehem, and it has complicated "opening day" for a new charter school in Catasauqua, Lehigh County.

Former consultant: charter school CEO expected to resign

Former consultant: Charter school CEO expected to resign

69 News has learned the head of the Innovative Arts Academy Charter School is expected to resign

Health Beat: Testing for Parkinson's before it strikes

For patients with brain disorders like Parkinson's disease, early diagnosis can mean earlier intervention and treatment. Right now, most patients are not diagnosed until they are showing symptoms of the disease. Researchers have now developed a system that can detect Parkinson's-like brain changes well before anyone sees signs of the disease.

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Cyber-charter school founder admits to tax fraud

The founder and former CEO of a cyber-charter school that educated thousands of Pennsylvania students has pleaded guilty to tax fraud.

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45 Pa. mosquito samples test positive for West Nile

Cases of the West Nile virus continue to be confirmed in Pennsylvania.

WFMZ launches new show "The Wisdom Coalition"

A new show is coming to WFMZ, as "The Wisdom Coalition Program," debuts on Monday September 5 at 6:30 p.m.

Phillipsburg School District delays first day

Phillipsburg School District delays first day

Students in a New Jersey school district are getting a few extra days to sleep in.

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Student workers can now unionize at private colleges

Students who hold jobs at private colleges are now allowed to unionize.

Getting into the mindset of the modern college student

Getting into the 'mindset' of the modern college student

Around this time every year students across the country are gearing up for their freshman year of college and every year a school in Wisconsin releases its "Mindset List" which takes a look at what these students haven't had to live without and some of the things on the list might surprise you

Health Beat: MRIdian: Treating childhood sarcoma

Soft-tissue sarcomas are cancers that begin in the muscles, tendons, blood vessels and tissue near joints. While this cancer can strike at any age, one form of sarcoma is especially cruel, as it most often strikes patients under 10. A new therapy is wiping out the cancer while protecting kids from life-long side-effects.

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Year off to sad start for Topton-area students

The school year has gotten off to a sad start for the Brandywine Heights Area School District.


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