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Jeff Stout and other health bureau officials meet with Allentown City Council 3-4-15

Allentown restaurants will soon be ticketed for food safety violations

Allentown dining establishments that fail to meet food safety regulations soon will be getting violation tickets from the city health bureau.

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Americans save record $248 billion for college

More Americans are saving money for college using 529 accounts.

They amount of money in the savings plans grew to a record $248 billion in 2014, about 9% more than the previous year.

People are starting to save for their children earlier than ever. Ab...

Olympus facing tough questions in superbug outbreak

Olympus sold endoscopes tied to 'superbug' without FDA approval

A local company is in hot water stemming from the deadly superbug outbreak in California.

Health Beat Easier fix for bad backs

Health Beat: Easier fix for bad backs

Traditionally, back surgery requires surgeons to make a large opening in order to fuse the spine, and for patients, that means a longer hospital stay, lengthy recovery time, and higher risk of infection. Minimally invasive procedures are sometimes an option, but a new imaging system may make a huge difference.

LV residents getting refunds for closed health clubs

Lehigh Valley residents who had pre-paid memberships at health clubs that abruptly closed last year will be getting refunds.

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Wolf seeks billions in higher taxes for schools, tax revamp

Gov. Tom Wolf is asking Pennsylvania lawmakers to approve $4 billion in higher taxes and new taxes to help boost school aid.

Man on street with Obamacare sign

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ACA enrollees see refund delays

The IRS is delaying the refunds of tens of thousands of Obamacare enrollees, said Nina Olson, the National Taxpayer Advocate.

Anthrax fighting cancer?

Health Beat: Anthrax: Fighting cancer?

Anthrax has been used around the world as a biological weapon for nearly a century, but what if this deadly toxin could be used to fight cancer and save lives?

Nursing home

Stroudsburg nursing home raising money for TVs

Pleasant Valley Manor in Stroudsburg has started an on-line campaign to raise money to purchase flat screen TVs for its residents who cannot afford one.

Protests against police inspire unique project at PSU Berks

Protests against police inspire unique project at PSU Berks

Protests against police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, and other parts of the country have inspired a unique project at Penn State Berks.

A 7-year-old celebrates his last cancer treament

7-year-old celebrates his last cancer treatment

A little boy is celebrating a big milestone in his life.


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