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Harlem Wizards play Parkland All Stars

Harlem Wizards play Parkland All Stars

A bunch of tricksters took over a high school gymnasium in Lehigh County Thursday night.

Labor board denies Saucon Valley teachers dismissal motion

Labor board denies Saucon Valley teachers' dismissal motion

The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board has denied the Saucon Valley teachers union's three most recent requests in regards to contract negotiations.

Stem cells

Health Beat: Stem cells to repair broken chromosomes

In 1990, the human genome project started. It was a massive scientific undertaking that aimed to identify and map out the body's complete set of DNA. This research has paved the way for new genetic discoveries; one of those has allowed scientists to study how to fix bad chromosomes.

Affordable Care Act website

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Affordable Care Act enrollment stats fudged

Only 6.7 million Americans were enrolled in Affordable Care Act health insurance plans as of mid-October, not 7.1 million, the Obama administration admitted Thursday.

FSU campus

Florida State shooting: 3 hurt, gunman killed

Gunshots rattled a peaceful, packed Florida State University library early Thursday, with three people getting hurt as hundreds of students huddled between bookshelves before police encountered and killed the gunman outside.

"There has been a shooting...

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Student to be 'held accountable' for threat against Wilson HS

A student will be "held accountable" for making a "vague threat" against Wilson High School on Thursday, according to the district's superintendent.

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Can community colleges save higher ed?

There's no doubt that it's a tough time for families pondering the value of a college degree.

First grader denied lunch


First-grader denied bag lunch at school

The only thing 7-year-old Xavier loves more than his math homework are his fruits and veggies.

North Western Lehigh SB meeting

Northwestern Lehigh chews on removing HS from national lunch program

Northwestern Lehigh School District is considering removing the high school from the National School Lunch Program.

Lehigh students race beds in anticipation of Saturday s game

Lehigh students race beds in anticipation of Saturday's game

Students at Lehigh University are gearing up for the 150th Rivalry game against Lafayette College Saturday.

Middle schoolers show off ballroom dance moves

Middle schoolers show off ballroom dance moves

Middle schoolers were showing off their dance moves Wednesday night.


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