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NCAA: Educational quality not our job

After years of making the case that the education of athletes is paramount, the NCAA now says it has no legal responsibility to make sure education is actually delivered.

Doctor shares forecast for spring allergies

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Doctor shares forecast for spring allergies

It has been a long winter, and just when we thought we were getting some relief, here comes allergy season.

Health Beat: Proton therapy for kids

More than 13 million children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States each year. Many of them will need radiation to destroy their tumors, but side-effects can be scary. Now, a more precise form of the treatment that's been used in adults is also helping kids.

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Doctor accused of flashing students at Muhlenberg College

A first-year medical resident is facing charges after officials say he exposed himself to college students.

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11 Atlanta educators convicted of racketeering

All but one of 12 defendants charged with racketeering and other crimes in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal were convicted Wednesday.

"We've been fighting for the children in our community, particularly those children who were deprived by t...

Stanford University

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Stanford offers free tuition for families making less than $125,000

Last week, 2,144 teenagers got the news they'd long dreamed of: they got accepted to Stanford University. The cherry on top is that Stanford also announced it was expanding financial aid.

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100 Corinthian College students refuse to pay loans

Dawn Thompson racked up $155,000 in student loans for a Corinthian College degree that proved worthless. Now she refuses to pay it off.

It's a risky move, but she's not alone. More than 100 of the now-defunct for-profit school's students are taking th...

Life Lessons Fats that won t make you fat

Life Lessons: Fats that won't make you fat

We always hear to stay clear of fat if we want to stay healthy and fit, but not all fat is bad.

Students blow up Peeps in the name of science

Students blow up Peeps in the name of science

Students at Reading High School are having a blast with Peeps.

Health Beat: POEM: Help for swallowing disorder

Imagine if you felt like you were going to choke every time you ate or drank? That's what people with a condition called achalasia have to deal with daily. Now, there's a simple procedure that could offer relief, it's surgery without an incision.

Life Lessons Live longer with cancer

Life Lessons: Live longer with cancer

A new study shows there are simple ways to increase your chances of living longer after a cancer diagnosis.

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