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Chairman Colver presents heroism awards to Ariel Shulman, left and Jackie Tornabene, center

Palmer Supervisors present "Heroism Awards" to three women for saving a life

The Palmer Township Board Of Supervisors Tuesday night presented heroism awards to three local women who saved the life of a 42-year-old Palmer woman who suffered a heart attack on Oct. 14 while working out at the Chrin Community Center in Palmer.

Wyomissing company offers free memory screenings

Wyomissing company offers free memory screenings

A home care company in Wyomissing is taking part in National Memory Screening Day.

Build it high the motto at Easton Area High School

'Build it high' the motto at Easton Area High School

A Thanksgiving tradition is taking shape in Easton, one piece of wood at a time.

Health Beat: Gene therapy: From bench to bedside: Blindness

It's a form of blindness that some call "especially cruel." People with choroideremia are born with perfect vision and then begin to lose their sight, sometimes as kids or teens. Researchers in the United States are now building on the success of a clinical trial overseas and are about to test a therapy designed to halt the progression of the disease and maybe even reverse some of the damage.

Girl looking at books in library


Ferguson library sees donations roll in

Ferguson is in turmoil, but one community safe haven is getting a lot of attention.

Kitchen food pantry


More food banks serve hungry college students

They may be studying at high-priced institutions, but a growing number of U.S. college students rely on food pantries for their next meal.

At least 100 have opened on college campuses across the country in the past six years. By one estimate there we...

Local teacher earns A for outstanding work

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Local teacher earns A+ for outstanding work

It seems as though a lot of public schools have been plagued by busted budgets, low state test scores and increasing layoffs.

Health Beat: Gene therapy: From bench to bedside: Hemophilia

Twenty-thousand Americans are living with hemophilia, a condition that prevents the blood from clotting easily after a cut or injury. Patients are also more susceptible to internal bleeding, which can damage joints, organs and tissue. Researchers are now testing gene therapies for both types of hemophilia – type A and type B. Both therapies are designed to help blood clot better.

Michelle Obama

Brian Yaklyvich/CNN

Why students are saying #ThanksMichelleObama

Students unhappy with school meals are taking it out on the first lady by sharing images on social media of lunches sarcastically tagged #ThanksMichelleObama.

University of California Berkeley

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Berkeley students protest UC tuition hike

Students at U.C. Berkeley protested for a second day Friday against a tuition hike approved this week by the University of California.

More than 300 students had occupied Berkeley's Wheeler Hall, according to the university's student-run newspaper, T...

Mark Berndt

REUTERS/Los Angeles Sheriffs Department/Handout

LA student abuse settlement: $139 million

The Los Angeles public school district will pay more than $139.2 million to the families of 81 children allegedly abused by an elementary teacher now serving a prison sentence for lewd conduct, officials said Friday.

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