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Berks Pa.'s biggest winner under new school funding formula

A new public school funding formula being considered by the Pennsylvania Legislature would create winners and losers as it seeks a way to link the distribution of state aid more closely to need.

Health Beat: CI therapy for aphasia

During a stroke, blood flow to the brain is cut off, and the damage that occurs can affect a person's movement and speech. In the past, therapists believed that most patients' language skills would improve only in the first few months or the first year after stroke, but researchers are now finding that a special kind of therapy is producing results for patients even years later.

Seven Generations must improve its "grade"

Seven Generations Charter School in Emmaus, Lehigh County, must correct problems with non-compliance with the state ethics law and errors in reporting employee pension data, according to the first state audit done on the school.

Health Beat Sleep drunkenness

Health Beat: Sleep drunkenness

When it comes to sleep, Americans are suffering. In fact, about 70 million of us have a chronic sleep problem. Now, there's a new condition that you may not have heard of.

Department of Justice sexual harassment an issue in ASD

Allentown schools to fight DOJ ruling on sexual harassment

Solicitor John Freund says the U.S. Department of Justice plan to continue monitoring the school district is unnecessary. Also Thursday, the board approved a 2015-16 budget that holds the line on taxes.

Poetry book

Araya Diaz/ poetry book

Does poetry still matter?

Quick: Name a famous living poet. Somebody. Anybody. No, not Maya Angelou. She died last year.

Maddie Calder and other students speak out against speaker

Quakertown graduate says speaker politicized commencement address

The Class of 2015 graduate says school board President Paul Stepanoff discussed abortion and global warming, in addition to joking about 9/11 and flag burning.

Study Allentown School District one of the most

Department of Justice: Sexual harassment an issue in Allentown School District

The Department of Justice released a more than 140 page report, detailing new cases of sexual harassment in the Allentown School District

iPad Air, iPad Mini

Courtesy Apple

Apple upgrades its education features

Unless they have a particularly large and hungry dog, some kids just lost an excuse for not turning in their homework.

Apple updated its iTunes U app on Thursday, adding a new feature that lets students turn in their homework directly from their iPad ...

Berks leaders react to court s Affordable Care Act ruling

Berks leaders react to court's Affordable Care Act ruling

In a 6-3 vote, the United States Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a key part of the controversial Affordable Care Act.

Health Beat: Designer fiber: Getting rid of tummy troubles

While we know fiber is good for us, it can also cause bloating and other issues, but new research could end that and make way for breakthrough treatments for some serious health problems.

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