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DA: Teacher had improper relationship with student

A former teacher is under arrest for allegedly having an improper relationship with one of her students.

Health Beat: Toxins relax rigid muscles

Upper limb spasticity is a painful condition caused by extremely tight muscles the person cannot control. It's often a side-effect of stroke, neurological disease or brain injury. Now, a new type of toxin, similar to Botox, may provide relief.

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Officers take 2-wheel approach to patrolling schools

Officers are being given another tool in their efforts to keep safe one school district in Berks County.

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Fire alarm delays Northeast MS dismissal

A fire alarm delayed the dismissal of students at Northeast Middle School in Reading on Tuesday.

Bill to raise pediatric cancer research funding clears committee

A Berks County lawmaker's bill to boost funding for pediatric cancer research in Pennsylvania moved forward in Harrisburg on Tuesday.

laundromat with classroom


Laundromat with a classroom: Charleston's outreach to underserved kids

Laundry Matters in Charleston, South Carolina looks like a traditional laundromat with aisles of washers and dryers. But hidden in the back is something surprising: a classroom.

Auburn University oak tree

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Auburn's iconic oaks attacked again

Auburn University's revered oak trees can't catch a break.

The trees -- as much a part of the east Alabama school's tradition as they are the landscape -- were poisoned by an Alabama Crimson Tide fan in 2010 and replaced last year. Early Sunday, one o...

Roman coin

Uruma Board of Education via CNN

Ancient Roman coins found in ruined Japanese castle

When archeologist Hiroyuki Miyagi heard that a bunch of ancient Roman and Ottoman coins had been unearthed from the ruins of an old castle in Okinawa, he initially thought it was a hoax.

Crossing guard sign

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Crossing guard saves 8-year-old from kidnapping

For one little girl, Adrian Young turned out to be more than a crossing guard. Young became her guardian angel.

Voters weigh in on first Presidential Debate

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KU students weigh in on first presidential debate

As the two top candidates for president squared off for the first time in a debate Monday night, voters were intent on watching the entire show.

Whitehall School Board favors full feasibility study

The Whitehall-Coplay School Board at its monthly operations and transportation committee meeting Monday afternoon said it preferred a full feasibility study of all of its facilities at a cost of $74,000 as opposed to a partial study costing less than half that amount.

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