Just step outside and you can feel that spring has finally sprung. The weather may be a treat for those yearning for warmer temperatures, but for others, those dreaded allergies are back and gearing up to sink your spring.

This season is much different than last year when the temperature topped 70 in March. Just a week ago, old man winter was still at our door.

"It gives your that false sense because suddenly it hits you because we missed that early tree pollen season."

Allergist Dr. Amar Sharma said the cold March only delayed the symptoms of sniffling, sneezing, and being downright miserable.

Even if you're symptom-free, Sharma said start taking allergy medication now.

"Time to take medicine is before your first sneeze.  So you don't wait until symptoms are really bad.  It's not a good time to take medication," Sharma said.

While medication may make it easier to soak in the sun, flirt with the flowers, and parade through the park, Sharma said don't expect a break next year.

"Every year we are getting more pollens, more spores. It may have a lot to do with increased carbon footprints, and more people, perhaps global warning," he said.

Sharma said he expects the pollen count to double by 2040. For the worst sufferers, he suggested doing outside activities in the early morning or at night and avoiding being outside in the middle of the day when the pollen count is highest.