“The first myth that went around was that Congress exempted itself from the Affordable Care Act,” said Cartwright. “It did not.”

He was applauded when he said he soon will be enrolling himself and his family in an Affordable Care Act health insurance plan, as will everyone on his staff.

One written question said taxpayers will pick up 72 percent of Cartwright’s health care costs though the federal government, and asked why Cartwright thought he deserved that.

“I don’t know how that got into effect in Congress,” he said. “If that proves to be horrendously unpopular I’m willing to address that.”

Palmquist of AARP said most companies contribute 60 to 70 percent of employee health care costs.

“It’s true that maybe a few companies have eliminated their health coverage,” said Palmquist, “but the vast majority of companies have not eliminated their health coverage.”

One written comment said Obamacare forces everyone to pay for abortions.

Cartwright said since 1977, the federal law stipulates federal tax dollars cannot go to providing abortions in this country. He said he is a pro-life Catholic who supports that law.

When he said the Affordable Care Act does not pay for abortions with federal tax dollars, several people in the audience said: “Yes it does.”

“Actually, no it doesn’t,” insisted Ford, who then explained why.

Cartwright said another myth is that $700 billion is being taken out of Medicare to pay for the Affordable Care Act. Ford said the health care law actually puts a big chunk of money into the Medicare trust fund, to help extend the life of Medicare.

Speakers applauded

Palmquist was applauded when he said Medicare is more efficient than private health care, because 97 percent of the money put into Medicare goes to giving benefits to individuals, while many for-profit insurance companies allocate only 80 percent.

He also was applauded when he said people with insurance have gone bankrupt and lost their homes because of medical problems, adding it’s terrible to bankrupt people because their policies didn’t cover them

Ford was cheered and applauded when she said her organization supported government-run health care, which she referred to as a public option program that is not part of the Affordable Care Act.