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health care reform FAQ 1

Do I have to get health insurance?

Does the Affordable Care Act require you to get health insurance? Click to find out. And…

health care reform FAQ 2

What if I can't afford health insurance?

What are your options under the Affordable Care Act if you can't afford health insurance…

health care reform FAQ 3

How will Affordable Care Act affect Medicare?

If you're on Medicare, how will the new Affordable Care Act affect you? Click to find out…

health care reform FAQ 4

Will I have to change doctors?

Will the health care reform law force you to change doctors? Click to find out. And click…

health care reform FAQ 5

Can I just keep the insurance I have?

Does the Affordable Care Act allow you to keep the insurance you already have? Click to…

health care reform FAQ 6

What kind of benefits can I expect?

What kind of benefits can you expect under the health care reform law? Click to find out.…

health care reform FAQ 7

Can my auto-home-life insurance agent enroll me?

Can your agent who handles your auto-home-life policies enroll you in health coverage?…

health care reform FAQ 8

Will past health problems keep me from getting coverage?

Will your past health problems affect your ability to get coverage? Click to find out.…

health care reform FAQ 9

Can my employer cut my hours?

Can your employer cut your hours because of the Affordable Care Act? Click to find out.…

health care reform FAQ 10

Can my adult children be covered by my policy?

Can your adult child be covered by your health insurance policy under the Affordable Care…

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Southwest Airlines

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Southwest pilots reach tentative deal with airline after 4 years of talks

Southwest pilots may finally get the wage hike they've been demanding.

Hershey's chocolate

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Hershey crashes 11% after chocolate merger talks end

So much for that much-hyped chocolate marriage between Hershey and Cadbury.

EpiPen pack


How EpiPen came to symbolize corporate greed

The EpiPen scandal has transformed Mylan Pharmaceuticals and its CEO Heather Bresch into…

Apple WWDC 2011


Apple's next iPhone will likely be unveiled Sept. 7

Apple is holding its annual September product launch event on Wednesday, Sept. 7 to…

Chipotle restaurant

Chipotle via CNN

Nearly 10,000 workers sue Chipotle for unpaid wages

Nearly 10,000 workers are suing Chipotle for allegedly cheating them on their pay.



You can now buy airline tickets with monthly payments

Dreaming of a vacation, but don't have the cash for the airfare? You can now pay for your…

EpiPen pack


Generic EpiPen coming for $300, as Mylan responds to outrage

Responding to national outrage over high prices, Mylan announced plans on Monday to…

Mitsubishi Regional Jet

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. via CNN

Japan's first passenger jet had a nightmare weekend

Japan's first ever homegrown passenger jet has had a bumpy few days.

Mark Zuckerberg

Jim Castel/CNN

Mark Zuckerberg hopes to demo AI butler next month

Launching the most popular social network in the world? Done. Running a mile every day?…


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  • Liberation of Paris, World War II

    U.S. Army

    On this day: August 29

    American troops march through a liberated Paris, the King of Pop is born, The Beatles perform their last concert before paying fans, and Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast, all on this day.


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