It's called the Affordable Care Act, but some say the president's health care overhaul is anything but affordable.

A group rallied at the courthouse in Doylestown, Bucks Co., on Thursday to call on lawmakers to take action.

One mother told 69 News the choice for her has come down to selecting a new health plan or putting food on the table.

It was a small group of people bound together by the need for health insurance. All said they are the people who the Affordable Care Act is not helping.

"I feel it's important for people to understand that the premiums aren't affordable," said Jennifer Most, of Morrisville.

Most told the crowd she went to the government website with all intentions of signing up. She and her husband are disabled, on a fixed income, and their 5-year-old child has a few medical problems, as well.

In order to stay covered, "my premium for health insurance was $947.63," added Most. That is a more than $765 above what she currently pays.

"It would take food out of our mouths to be able to afford these coverages," said Most.

Others also took issue with the government's plan.

"It also implicitly punishes people who makes responsible, healthy choices like me, such as not smoking or overeating," one speaker told the crowd.

Small business owners talked about increased paperwork, and one teen told the crowd about how he can no longer save for college because he can't work more than 29-1/2 hours due to the health care mandate for small business owners.

"It's annoying to me to have to be set to that limit when I've got time," said Nathan Faucette, from Sellersville.

The solution for this group is to urge Republican lawmakers to stand their ground and have funding for the Affordable Care Act postponed before restarting the government.

"The fight is here and now," added Thomas McCullough, owner of Mt. Penn Tool & Machine. "Stand firm and put an end to this so we can get back to running our business and creating jobs and prosperity for all."

People working at centers, helping navigate the Affordable Care Act website confirm there are success stories, as well. Some have been saving a lot of money by switching to the government plan.