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health care reform FAQ 1

Do I have to get health insurance?

Does the Affordable Care Act require you to get health insurance? Click to find out. And…

health care reform FAQ 2

What if I can't afford health insurance?

What are your options under the Affordable Care Act if you can't afford health insurance…

health care reform FAQ 3

How will Affordable Care Act affect Medicare?

If you're on Medicare, how will the new Affordable Care Act affect you? Click to find out…

health care reform FAQ 4

Will I have to change doctors?

Will the health care reform law force you to change doctors? Click to find out. And click…

health care reform FAQ 5

Can I just keep the insurance I have?

Does the Affordable Care Act allow you to keep the insurance you already have? Click to…

health care reform FAQ 6

What kind of benefits can I expect?

What kind of benefits can you expect under the health care reform law? Click to find out.…

health care reform FAQ 7

Can my auto-home-life insurance agent enroll me?

Can your agent who handles your auto-home-life policies enroll you in health coverage?…

health care reform FAQ 8

Will past health problems keep me from getting coverage?

Will your past health problems affect your ability to get coverage? Click to find out.…

health care reform FAQ 9

Can my employer cut my hours?

Can your employer cut your hours because of the Affordable Care Act? Click to find out.…

health care reform FAQ 10

Can my adult children be covered by my policy?

Can your adult child be covered by your health insurance policy under the Affordable Care…

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