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What to ask your doctor about heart disease

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During your next visit to the doctor, consider asking these questions to see if you could be at risk for heart disease.

Eat your way to a healthy heart

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A healthy diet can help alleviate three major risk factors for heart disease. Find out what such a diet entails.

Workouts for parents, child to do together

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Trying to find time to work out and spend time with your kids can be difficult. One way to keep you and your child healthy while spending quality time together is to exercise with your child.

5 hidden health risks for women

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Despite increased attention to women's health issues, there are still many health risks that women need to know about that are not getting a whole lot of attention.

Various exercises can strengthen heart


Going to the gym can make your muscles bigger and stronger. But improving your heart may be the most important workout.

Ways to lower your stress level



From time to time we all get stressed out. Try using some of these ideas to help lower your stress level.

Tips to lower your cholesterol

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Having a high cholesterol can put you at greater risk of having a heart attack or a stroke. If your cholesterol is high, consider using these suggestions to help you lower it.

Is sex safe after heart attack?

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Experts say that people can have sex after their heart attacks. In fact, the more you exercise -- including having sex -- the better your odds.

How do foods get heart-check mark?



If you want to find foods that can help keep your heart healthy, a special insignia from the American Heart Association could help guide you at the grocery store.

Could you have an arrhythmia?

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A little skip in your heart beat once in a while is normal. Find out if yours is something more.

Healthy Heart: Extras

5 foods your heart will thank you for eating

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It's no fun to cut out salty snacks and red meat, but tasty alternatives can help you stay proactive about heart health without eating boiled chicken and rice cakes.

Mediterranean diet: A heart-healthy eating plan

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Find out how following a Mediterranean diet can benefit your health.

What are unhealthiest fast-food items?



It's no secret that fast-food items aren't always the healthiest option. But what items are the worst? Find out which fast-food items contain the most calories.

Take care of your heart when shoveling

Snowed In

When shoveling, use these tips to protect your heart and your health.


69 News: Health Beat

Health Beat: Hammertoe surgery

Hammertoe is a condition where one or more toes are bent downward and frozen in an unnatural and uncomfortable position. The traditional method of fixing the toe can be painful and require weeks of rehab. Now, a new procedure is making it easier for patients with hammertoe to get back on their feet.

Health Beat: Coaches for asthma

One in 10 children is living with asthma right now. It's a life-long condition and costs $18 billion a year in medical expenses, lost work and school days. Now, there's a new approach to help your children's health while saving time and money.

Health Beat: Botox stops sweating

Millions of people use Botox to smooth out wrinkles on their forehead and erase crow's feet around the eyes, but Botox, the brand name for what's called botulinum toxin, is most widely used for medical conditions, and the results can be life-changing.

Health Beat: Single site hysterectomy

It used to be that hysterectomies involved a major incision and weeks of recovery, but that has changed in a big way. Now, computerized robotic arms are turning this common surgery into a much easier process.

Health Beat: New adhesion treatment

Adhesion therapy

Almost 90 percent of the millions of people undergoing abdominal or pelvic surgery every year will suffer through painful internal scar tissue, but it looks like there's a new way to remove that scar tissue and bring welcome pain relief, and it works for other types of pain also.


Top Health Stories

St. Joseph centralizing services in Reading's eastern suburbs

Exeter Ridge

Chad Blimline/69 News

Penn State Health St. Joseph is promising its patients in Reading's eastern suburbs greater and more convenient access to health care.

New community health center opens doors in southwest Reading

Berks Community Health Center in Oakbrook

Liz Kilmer/69 News

A federally funded community health center is expanding its reach in Reading, serving to help some of the city's most vulnerable.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge still going strong one year later

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge still going strong one year later

Last year's late summer cold water surge produced $115 million in donations for the ALS Association compared to $3 million in the same time span in 2013

Super lice and the salon to fix it

Super lice and the salon to fix it

Researchers say back to school is prime time for lice and the new generation of the blood sucking critters is resistant to many over the counter medications

Local doctor weighs in on Jimmy Carter's cancer battle

Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Prize

The Carter Center

Former President Jimmy Carter, during a news conference Thursday, said he's at ease with whatever comes, as he he opened up about his recent cancer diagnosis.