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Bare feet

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Realtor alert: 'Foot fetish creep' returns

Officials say a man in Texas is calling real estate agents but instead of discussing property sales, he asks them about footwear and pedicures.

landmarks - Empire State Building nisi

Qatar buys chunk of Empire State Building

Some of the Middle East's vast oil riches are being plowed into Manhattan's most iconic skyscraper.

Langston Hughes home

Heather Long/CNN

800 people donate to save Langston Hughes' house

Soon poetry and music will fill the Harlem home of legendary poet Langston Hughes again.

Over 800 people have donated to a nonprofit arts group that plans to turn Hughes'…

Langston Hughes home

Heather Long/CNN

The battle to save Langston Hughes' $3 million home

Ivy still grows on the front of Langston Hughes' home in Harlem. There aren't many houses like it left in New York City. Real estate agents estimate it's worth over $3 million.

Eve Plumb

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'Brady Bunch' actor sells house she bought as child

The actress who played Jan Brady on "The Brady Bunch" has just sold her Malibu home for $3.9 million.


'Prenup' house splits in two

Dutch firm designs home that can break into two parts in case of divorce.

Playboy Mansion-sold

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Playboy

Playboy Mansion sold for $100 million

The Playboy Mansion has sold for $100 million.


Laura Leavell/

Americans still love spending on their homes

There's no place like home -- especially for Americans these days.

London tube sign and Big Ben

Oli Scarff Getty Images

Billionaire owner of London's richest districts dies

The Duke of Westminster, a billionaire landowner whose estates sprawl across the ritzy London neighborhoods of Mayfair and Belgravia, has died at the age of 64.



Airbnb hosts cash in big on the Olympics

Hundreds of thousands of fans are descending on Rio for the Olympic Games, but many aren't checking into hotels.

Instead, they're crashing on couches and renting rooms, or even…


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