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Quicken Rocket Mortgage ad


Quicken's 'Rocket Mortgage' Super Bowl ad sparks backlash

Push button get mortgage. That was the message Quicken Loans left viewers with at the end of its Super Bowl ad.

Mortgage rates

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Mortgage rate falls 5th straight week

Average long-term U.S. mortgage rates fell for the fifth straight week.


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Mortgages are still getting cheaper

Mortgage rates are dropping.

Hong Kong


Hong Kong has least affordable housing in the world

Hong Kong's stratospherically expensive housing market is so unaffordable it's set a new global record.

London tube sign and Big Ben

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Wanted: Roommates to live with CEO

"Wanted: two roommates to share large London home. You can pay what you can afford. See the CEO for more information."

House for sale, real estate, housing, generic

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Average rate on 30-year mortgage falls

Mortgage rates fell for a third straight week as plunging oil prices and economic uncertainty hammer global stock markets.

Oil foreclosure rates

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Falling oil means rising foreclosures in these states

Plummeting oil prices are wreaking havoc on stock markets, and they're also causing problems for some housing markets.

Foreclosure filings on a national level dropped to a…

Older couple


Rental market going gray

Renters are looking a little older these days.

Manhattan, New York City skyline, Chrysler Building

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US cracking down on anonymous real estate buyers

The government wants to know exactly who is purchasing luxury homes in Manhattan and Miami.

House and keys


'Silence of the Lambs' house having trouble selling

No dungeon pit, no deal?


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