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Beijing subway

Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Billionaire: Chinese real estate is 'biggest bubble in history'

Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin made his fortune in the country's real estate market -- and now he's warning that it's spiraling out of control.

colossal bee hive in England via CNN

10,000 stinging wasps make colossal nest in English country house

As many as 10,000 wasps have built a giant nest in the loft of a house in rural England.

West Elm

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

West Elm opening chain of boutique hotels

West Elm doesn't just sell furniture anymore.

Churchill birthplace turned into Nazi HQ

Blenheim Palace via CNN

Film turns Churchill's birthplace into Nazi HQ

They fought them on the beaches, the landing grounds, in the fields and in the streets -- but World War II veterans did not expect to be fighting the Nazis in Winston Churchill's…

Jimmy Carter builds homes


Jimmy Carter's 32-year passion project to build homes

Former President Jimmy Carter is almost 92 years old, but he still swings a mighty hammer.

Harry Potter house for sale

Chancellors/Rightmove via CNN

Harry Potter's old house is for sale

Fancy living like young Harry Potter?

For Rent sign

Billy Alexander/

The chatbot that will force your landlord to fix a leaky tap

To anyone struggling with landlord repair problems: Help is on the way in the form of a 19-year-old tech whiz.

Rolls Royce hood ornament

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

A $350,000 luxury condo ... for your car

There's a luxury condo building planned for Miami that will offer 24-hour security, climate-controlled units, a members-only social club and concierge services.

Alexa, GE appliances

GE Appliances via CNN

Amazon Echo can now control GE appliances

The dream of telling appliances in your home what to do without ever lifting a finger just became closer to reality.

GE Appliances announced on Tuesday it will be adding Amazon…


Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Does London have a skyscraper addiction?

"I don't know what London's coming to," said the English actor, singer and playwright Noel Coward in 1931 as the city's first skyscrapers began to rise.


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