Taxes: Features

Benefits to giving your kids an allowance

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As kids get older, one important question parents face is whether or not to give their kids an allowance.

5 awful celebrity business ideas

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When it comes to some celebrities, everything they touch turns to gold. Others? Not so much. Consider these five celebs and their awful business ideas.

Top jobs for recent graduates

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Take a look at some of the top jobs for recent graduates.

20 cities with the best credit scores


Credit card delinquencies are at an 11-year low. Check out the 20 U.S. cities with the best credit scores.

5 easy ways to start saving more

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When trying to save money, it is smart to utilize habits that are easy to implement and simple to maintain. In other words, if it's easy to save, we save.

Best/Worst renovations for the money

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Thinking of spending your tax refund on a remodel? Discover the renovations that will get you the most bang for your buck in the long run, and which are better left undone.

America's lowest paying jobs

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Fast food servers, farm workers and food preparers all have something in common -- they are among the lowest paying jobs in America today.

5 ways to make yourself invaluable at work

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At times, even the most secure employees can be worried about their jobs. But we've got five ways you can help make yourself invaluable at work.

20 jobs women are taking over

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Move over, boys. Women are taking the lead in these 20 fields, according to Forbes.

Household items you're paying too much for

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Find out which household items you could be saving money on.

Taxes: Extras

History of Tax Day

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As you’re in the process of filing your taxes you might start to wonder -- how did Tax Day originate?

Million-dollar ideas that worked

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Most people dream of coming up with a million-dollar idea, but these individuals have already made a lot of money with their innovative creations.

Let your credit cards work for you

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Do you put credit card offers directly in the recycling bin?

What to look for when choosing a tax pro

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For many people, the older they get, the more complicated their lives become financially, and the more difficult it is to accurately prepare their own tax returns.

Taxes: Should you itemize or not?

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If you are thinking of itemizing there are some basic questions you'll want to answer first.

Debunking common tax-filing myths

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As you start to work on your taxes for this year check some of these myths about filing your taxes.

5 tax write-offs you shouldn't forget

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Looking for deductions and write-offs that might improve the state of your taxes this year? Check out these little deductions that can save you big money.

Personal tax software generally reliable

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Even the trade group representing professional tax preparers says off-the-shelf software is probably fine for most people working on their income tax returns.

Higher education may pay off at tax time

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For those looking to get smarter by going to college, there's a payoff come tax time that will make you feel intelligent as well.

Honest tax mistakes fixable

Tax return

So, what do you do if you've filed a federal return and realize after the fact that you made a mistake?