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Naxos, Greece

Naxos: Lush Greek isle delivers the good life

Some places are better than others at fulfilling the powerful human desire to live well.


CNN iReport

Otherworldly destinations here on Earth

As astronomers discover more and more planets in distant star systems, interstellar travel has again sparked the imagination.

Cuba flag

Jose Armijo/CNN

What did Cuba cruise passengers pack?

As a gaggle of tourists approached him, Victor Soto Martini knew what he wanted.

JetBlue plane

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

4 crying babies lead to free flight for JetBlue passengers

Babies crying on an airplane never sounded so good.


From Qantas

Disturbing Wi-Fi hot spot name delays flight

Airliners and anything referencing "detonation devices" don't mix.

Airplane flying through sky

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Airlines posted record profits last year

Low oil prices have been really good for airlines' bottom lines.

Duomo Milan cathedral, Italy

Jiuguang Wang via Wikimedia Commons

Chinese police to patrol streets of Rome

When in Rome ... it could be useful to speak Chinese.

Overhead bin


Turkish merchant loses $26,000 during flight

It's a lesson in not letting your guard down -- even if the thief isn't going to run off anytime soon.

A man flying to Hong Kong earlier this week claimed he lost goods worth…

Crowded flight, airline, airplane passengers

iStock / mkurtbas

Air rage tied to planes with first-class seating, study says

What is it about air travel that brings out the worst in us?



Berlin cracks down on Airbnb to keep rents under control

Berlin is cracking down on Airbnb in order to keep local rents under control.


Plenty of summer fun to be had at Blue Mountain

Plenty of summer fun to be had at Blue Mountain

When you think of summer fun you might not thinking about a ski resort but Blue Mountain is looking to change that

What would it take to become superhero?

Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr

Marvel Studios

If watching "Captain America: Civil War" this weekend revives your childhood dreams of becoming a superhero, technology may be on your side to make it happen -- but science is a little more discouraging.

Prince's death: What we know

Prince with guitar

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Fans continue to mourn the loss of music legend Prince as state and federal officials piece together his final days.

Review: 'Civil War' sets standard for superhero team-ups

Captain America Civil War movie image

Marvel Studios via CNN

While lacking the label, Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War" is basically a third "Avengers" film, and creatively the best of the bunch.

Channing Tatum announces 'Magic Mike Live'

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

Warner Bros. Pictures

Channing Tatum took to Facebook to announce that "Magic Mike Live" is coming to Las Vegas in March 2017.


One Tank Trip

One Tank Trip: Eat Well, Play Well

One Tank Trip Eat Well Play Well

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

If we truly are what we eat, a lot of us would be hiding behind a box of snacks.

One Tank Trip: Seminary Ridge Museum

One Tank Trip Seminary Ridge Museum

Patrick Manwiller/69 News

It's the battle of Gettysburg like you've probably never seen it before.

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