The convenience ends the next morning, of course, when you begin lying to your co-workers about what you did the night before and why you were gone two hours for lunch.

It becomes really inconvenient two weeks later when you begin lying to your lover about what you did the night before and why you were gone a half-hour for lunch. Private issues interfere with work issues. Work issues interfere with private issues. You break up and spend the next two months avoiding each other.

It's quite inconvenient.

Maybe it's time for another option ...

singles flirting while grocery store shopping

No. 1: Other options

If you happen to work in the same office as your "soul mate," great, congratulations, go for it.

Most office romances, however, are the result of the following: lust, laziness, boredom. Be honest with yourself. If your office romantic interest is the result of one of these three categories, it's time to consider other options.

Other romance options include online dating (if you happen to hook up with someone from your office at an online dating site, consider it a sign), churches (if it doesn't work out, you can simply switch congregations without taking a pay cut), institutions established for the sole purpose of you meeting someone (this includes, but is not limited to, bars, nightclubs and social clubs) or even the grocery store. Basically, any place but work.

Good luck and happy dating.

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