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Wedding favors


Wedding favors guests will love

Take a look at some wedding favors your guests will enjoy.

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Top 10 'First Dance' Wedding Songs

We have a look at the most popular songs played at weddings during a couple's "first dance."

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How to plan a successful beach wedding

To start planning your beach wedding, take a look at these tips.

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champagne toast at party

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How to give a memorable wedding toast

The nerve-wracking task of speaking on someone's special day can seem daunting. But putting together a simple, memorable wedding toast doesn't have to be tough task.

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5 ways to reignite the romance in your life

If you find that your relationship is losing its "oomph," there are many options available other than breaking up. Like these five simple tips for reigniting the flame.

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Select right gift for her, your wallet

The woman in your life will notice if you put thought a little bit of thought into her gift, even if you don't drop a lot of cash.

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Bride and groom dancing


Location, location, location: Choosing best wedding spot

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the first details you might want to secure is where the ceremony and reception will be held.

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How to decorate tables at your wedding reception

At your wedding reception, your guests will likely spend most of their time at the table. Because of this, it’s important to decorate the tables in a way that both looks amazing and also make your guests feel comfortable.

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