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Bob's World Famous helps ring in Summer with the Sunrise Crew

Bob's World Famous

Bob's World Famous brought their famous seasonings, a grill and a smoker to the Sunrise set.

They helped kick off the summer season with different meats including ribs, ribeye steak, shrimp and pulled pork.

They also can host your backyard barbeque!

If you are interested in getting a BBQ for your own special occasion or to try their seasonings, please visit their website:


Segment 1: Grill
-Steak- make sure the grill is hot (500+ degrees), seasoning, how to tell what temp the steak is
-Shrimp skewers- general tips, like soaking wooden skewers in water so they don't burn

Segment 2: Smoker
-Pulled pork- how to prepare the pork, pull it, make a sandwich out of it
-Ribs- how to trim them, wrap them, smoke them etc
-We can also talk about the rise in popularity of smokers: they're popping up everywhere these days

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