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Sunrise Summer Camps: Horizons for Youth skateboarding camp

Horizons for Youth skateboarding camp

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Kids at one summer camp in Bethlehem aren't just letting the summer skate by.

They're actually going to a skateboarding camp. It's run by Northampton Community College as part of the Horizons for Youth program. Instructors are from Homebase Skate Shop and use the Bethlehem Skateplaza.

The first beginner session is going on right now, but there are two more skateboarding camp sessions: another beginner week from July 16th to the 20th, and an intermediate sesion from August 6th to the 10th.

There's also a Southside Skateboarding camp, run by NCC and Horizons for Youth, coming up July 9th to the 13th. That one is just for residents of southside Bethlehem between 13 and 16 years old. It's free of charge and includes a skateboard and safety gear for the week.

For more information, visit Northampton Community College's website or stop by Homebase Skate Shop in Bethlehem.

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