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Weight-bearing tips for better choices at Thanksgiving dinner

Weight-bearing tips for better choices at Thanksgiving

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - How much we eat really starts to add up, especially around the holidays.

Keeping the weight off can be challenging, but instead of giving up the foods that we love, there is a way to enjoy your holiday dinner without the guilt.

Health and Fitness expert Stacey Redfield stopped by 69 News at Sunrise to explain.

Cranberry Chutney – From Stacey Redfield

 1 (20 oz) can pineapple tidbits

¼ cup sugar

2 cups fresh cranberries

1 can whole berry cranberry sauce

1 cup dried cherries

1 cup white raisins

½ tsp cinnamon

½ tsp ground ginger

¼ tsp allspice

¼ tsp salt

Dash of nutmeg


1. Drain juice from pineapple and pour into a medium saucepan.  Set pineapple aside.  Add sugar, both kinds of cranberries, raisins, dried cherries, spices and salt to pineapple juice.

2. Heat to boiling, lower heat and simmer for about 25 minutes, until thick and the whole cranberries have cooked down a bit……stir often.

 3.  Add reserved pineapple. Remove from heat.

 -Keep refrigerated

 -Can be put in decorative jars for gifts

 -Freezes well


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