Accidents raise hiking safety concerns

Posted: 10:01 PM EDT Aug 23, 2013   Updated: 10:23 PM EDT Aug 23, 2013

For the second day in a row, rescue crews were forced into action at a popular hiking spot in Carbon County.  Crews were called to Glen Onoko Falls near Jim Thorpe Friday afternoon to help a woman who fell and broke her ankle.   It's the latest in a series of hiking mishaps there this summer. Thursday, an experienced hiker from Montgomery County had to be rescued. Two weeks ago, a New York woman fell to her death.

Whether you're an experienced hiker, or it's your first time hitting a trail, if you're not prepared, trekking outdoors can be dangerous.

"Generally when you're going on a hiking trip you're going to be on allot of uneven terrain, woods, rocks, twigs and things that you need to look out for," explained Zach Alles with Easton Outdoor Company.

He says number one is knowing what you're getting into, and using common sense.

"It's definitely a good idea to check out where you're going to be going, just to see what kind of trails you're looking at," added Alles. "Allot of them are going to be rated as easy, moderate and hard."

Sometimes the difference is just having the proper gear for the day. Foot wear is also something you should think about before heading on a hike, sometimes a regular sneaker won't cut it. Hiking boots have more support and traction. Getting dehydrated on a hike during the summer and fall is a very real threat, so make sure you have water with you. And a first aid kit is a really smart investment.

"It's easy to trip and fall and you can skin your knee, or say you do fall off like a small cliff and you twist an ankle, what you can do with the first aid kit is just wrap your ankle so you can walk out and not injure yourself even worse," Alles shared.

He says being aware of your surroundings will help keep you safe.

"Overall, you just need to use your eyes, use your brain and just pay attention."