Ads supporting Mitt Romney pulled off airwaves in Pa.

Barack Obama holds current lead among polled voters in Pa.

Published: Sep 09 2012 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 10 2012 06:47:09 PM EDT
Romney RNC walk through

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney appears to be pulling the plug, at least for now, on Pennsylvania.

Super PACs supporting Romney have pulled television advertising dollars out, and they're focusing on other parts of the country.

Fresh off the Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama has pulled ahead in the national polls over Romney.

Now, with only eight weeks until election day, Super PACs supporting Romney have pulled their advertising to focus on other battleground states instead.

"They just don't want to put money into a race where it doesn't look like they can win," said G. Terry Madonna, a political analyst and professor at Franklin & Marshall College.

Madonna said the cost of advertising, especially in the Philadelphia area, is incredibly expensive. On top of that, a Real Clear Politics poll has Obama with a 7.7% lead in Pennsylvania.

Instead, Madonna said it makes sense for the GOP to focus on states like Florida, Ohio and Virginia where the contest is much closer.

"For the Romney camp, you can win the presidential election without Pennsylvania, Bush did it twice. If Obama doesn't win Pennsylvania, he's likely to loose," said Madonna.

The fallout from this could impact more than just Romney in Pennsylvania. Madonna said other Republican races across the state could be at a disadvantage.

"It means all these campaigns are on their own. They don't have the benefit of a coattail," said Madonna.

Obama took Pennsylvania four years ago with 55% of the vote. With his current lead in Pa., his supporters are already calling it blue, but Madonna said things can always change.

"You can't completely say that Pennsylvania is a blue state. In presidential elections, we look like we're becoming certainly bluer, and we'll find out this year," said Madonna.