Anchors Away: South Mountain Middle School

Posted: 11:56 AM EDT Aug 15, 2011   Updated: 7:39 AM EST Dec 20, 2010

School days are here again in this month's "Anchor's Away" adventure.

Recently, Wendy Davis and Rob Vaughn volunteered at South Mountain Middle School in Allentown.

"Ahh, those middle schools days," said Wendy.

"They're not just for kids anymore," said Rob.

"In an ideal world, we would have 100 to 200 volunteers every day," said Frank Derrick, principal, who is looking for more volunteers to lend a hand. "Just helping out in the classroom and providing that extra set of eyes is a big help."

"And so that's how we ended up back in school, up to our elbows in a science experiment," said Rob.

"While the kids discover the delights of saliva-soaked beans, we rediscover the rules of the classroom," said Wendy. "One of us is a quick study. The other one, well not so much. Rob's not listening to the teacher's rules. Back to the lesson at hand. The kids are quick studies in this particular science class."

"But you don't have to be an Einstein to make a difference at South Mountain," said Rob.

"Enthusiasm, a sense of humor and a lot of patience for middle school students would be the top three things you need," said Derrick.

"So why not give it a try? Even if the soggy beans don't grow on you," said Wendy.

"The kids most certainly will," said Rob.

If you'd like to volunteer at South Mountain, just contact the school. South Mountain Middle School 709 W. Emmaus Ave. Allentown, PA 18103 484-765-4300