A two- billion dollar a year business in Berks County is expanding its global reach. WFMZ's Melissa Fullerton explains how its success may also offer glimmers of an improving economy. >> REPORTER: EnerSys makes billions from batteries. But you likely won't find these charging anywhere around your home. >> CRAIG: We're looking for specific niches in the market where we think we can get a good return for our investors. >> REPORTER: It's a formula that's worked. Here at the company's world headquarters in Bern Township, the deal was made to expand further with the acquisition of the Oerlikon Battery Business of Swiss company, Accu Holding. >> CRAIG: It would be like Fiat buying Chrysler. They're in the same type of business and dealing with the same type of customers, just a different product offering. >> REPORTER: The deal comes on the heels of a 20-million dollar contract with the U-S Navy. EnerSys will produce batteries to run U-S submarines. >> REPORTER: EnerSys was certainly not shielded from the economic downturn. In fact, in the second quarter of this year, the company's profits were down 30% over last year. But the CEO says they have since started to see an upswing and this latest acquisition is part of a strategy to come out stronger when the economy does rebound. >> CRAIG: We believe we've seen the bottom in this recession and our order take coming in right now is stronger than it has been in prior quarters. We're projection that our next quarter our earnings will be better than the last quarter. >> REPORTER: The recent success of EnerSys will fuel growth at the company's manufacturing plants around the world...none of which are in Berks County. The CEO says less than 25 jobs could be created locally. In Bern Township, Melissa Fullerton, 69 News.