Chester county plane crash

Two dead following plane crash in Chester County

According to partner station WPVI, two people are confirmed dead after a small plane crash in West Goshen Township, Chester County.


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Perla López Baray

Perla López Baray

Anchor | Perla López Baray began her journalist career in the Southwest while studying Journalism and Mass Communications at New Mexico State University.

Jaciel Cordoba


Anchor | Jaciel Cordoba co-anchors 69 News at Sunrise, alongside Eve Tannery, and anchors 69 News at Noon.

John Craven


Reporter | John Craven joined WFMZ 69 News as a reporter in May 2011.

Wendy Davis


Anchor | For more than a decade, Wendy Davis has been a fixture on WFMZ-TV's 69 News.

Rosa Duarte

Rosa Duarte

Reporter | Rosa Duarte joined the 69 News Team in March 2012 as a general assignment reporter for both the English and Spanish newscast, Edicion en Espanol.

Melanie Falcon

Melanie Falcon

Anchor / Reporter | Melanie grew up in North Carolina, then moved to Boston to attend Emerson College.

Jaccii Farris

Jaccii Farris

Reporter | Jaccii Farris is an Emmy Award Winning Journalist who has reported around the globe.

Keleigh Gibbs

Keleigh Gibbs

Keleigh was born and raised in Lake Forest, Illinois. She graduated from the University of Illinois...

Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes

Reporter | Ryan comes to WFMZ-TV from Salisbury, Maryland where he spent two years as a Reporter and Fill-In Anchor for WMDT 47 News.

Jennifer Joas

Jennifer Joas

Reporter | Jennifer Joas joined the 69 News Team in July 2013 as a general assignment reporter for the Berks Edition.

Liz Kilmer

Liz Kilmer

Reporter | Liz Kilmer joined the 69 News team in October 2013. You can catch her reporting weeknights for the Berks Edition.

Bo Koltnow

Bo Koltnow

Reporter | When not reporting, you will find Bo at the gym.

Hilary Lane

Hilary Lane

Hilary grew up in New Jersey and is thrilled to be reporting so close to home!

Will Lewis


Reporter | Will Lewis comes to 69 News after working two years at WMTW-TV in Portland, Maine.

Chandi Lowry

Chandi Lowry

You can catch Chandi anchoring 69 News Weekend Edition and reporting during the week for WFMZ.

Karin Mallett


Anchor / Reporter | Karin Mallett has been with 69 News since 2003 as a general assignment reporter and weekend co-anchor.

Meghan Packer

Meghan Packer

Reporter | Meghan is thrilled to be back in her home state. After several years in North Carolina, she returned to Pennsylvania...

Dwayne Parker


Reporter | Dwayne Parker, a Philadelphia native, joined the 69 News team in November 2007.

Jamie Stover

Jamie Stover

Reporter | While attending the Schereyer Honors College at Penn State University, Jamie interned with WFMZ.

Eve Tannery


Anchor | Eve Tannery joined the WFMZ news team in September of 2005. You can catch her weekday mornings anchoring 69 News at Sunrise with Jaciel Cordoba.

Zenddy Caicedo Tintle

Zenddy Caicedo Tintle

Reporter | Zenddy Caicedo Tintle grew up in Venezuela where she demonstrated an early interest in broadcasting as a career.

Jim Vaughn

Jim Vaughn

Sports / Anchor | Jim Vaughn serves as an anchor for 69 News at 4:00, co-host of "The Big Ticket" and "The Big Ticket: Winter Edition" highlight shows, and fill-in anchor for 69 Sports.

Rob Vaughn

Rob Vaughn

Anchor / Reporter | For more than two decades, Rob Vaughn has been one of the most-watched news anchors in eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey.

Nancy Werteen

Nancy Werteen

Anchor / Reporter | Nancy is responsible for enterprising, gathering, and producing packaged news segments and reporting live from various news events.

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Matt Broderick


Meteorologist | It all started when it snowed one day, and he wished school was canceled... it was, and the rest is history.

Amanda Cox


Meteorologist | Amanda Cox can be seen on the AccuWeather Channel and on 69 News: Weekend Edition at 6:00 and 10:00 p.m.

Kathy Craine


Weather | Kathy, a graduate of Boyertown High School and the American School of Broadcasting - Georgetown (Washington, DC).

Ed Hanna


Chief Meteorologist | Ed Hanna is the Chief Meteorologist for WFMZ-TV 69 News and the AccuWeather Channel.

Lauren Kusik

Lauren Kusik

Meteorologist | Lauren joined the WFMZ Weather Team in December of 2014.

Mark Shanaberger


Meteorologist | Mark Shanaberger can be seen weekend mornings on the AccuWeather Channel and filling in on 69 News.



Rick Edwards


Traffic Anchor | Rick is a long-time radio personality and programmer, having worked in a variety of music formats including Country and Pop.


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Troy Hein


Sports | Troy's broadcasting career began in college, as a play by play announcer for area high school basketball.

Dave Lesko


Sports | Dave's colorful game reports have become a staple of WFMZ's high school football coverage.

Dan Moscaritolo


Sports | Dan Moscaritolo was born in The Woodlands, Texas but grew up in Corning, NY.

Jim Vaughn

Jim Vaughn

Sports / Anchor | Jim Vaughn serves as an anchor for 69 News at 4:00, co-host of "The Big Ticket" and "The Big Ticket: Winter Edition" highlight shows, and fill-in anchor for 69 Sports.

Roberto Vinces


Sports | Roberto first started as a photojournalist / video editor for Channel 69 Noticias en Español in 2005.


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Brad Rinehart


News Director | Since 1984, Brad has overseen the many changes at Channel 69 News, including the additions of 69 News Sunrise, 69 News at Noon, and the Berks Edition.

Matthew Roth


Assistant News Director | Matt helps to oversee a staff of more than 70 people in the Allentown, Reading, Easton, and Philadelphia newsrooms.

Jamasyn Hyde

Jamasyn Hyde

Executive Content Manager/ Internship Coordinator | As Executive Content Manager, Jamasyn is tasked with overseeing the newsgathering efforts of the 69News Team.

Amy Unger


Executive Producer | Amy is a Lehigh Valley native, and is proud to be part of a news team that prides itself on comprehensive, local coverage.

Jamie Peter

Assignment Editor | Jamie got her start in television as a producer with KOLN/KGIN 10/11 News in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Katie Kennedy

Katie Shank

Senior Producer | Katie is the senior producer at 69 News. She plays a key role in overseeing the 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts...


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Stephen Althouse

Stephen Althouse Reporter | Stephen Althouse has covered municipal and school district board meetings in the news coverage area since 2011.

Ali Bechtel

Ali-Bechtel Reporter | Ali began her journalistic career in 2005 at the University of Pittsburgh's daily student newspaper, The Pitt News.

Tom Coombe

Tom Coombe Reporter | web reporter Tom Coombe has worked in the news business for the last 15 years, most of that time in the Lehigh Valley.

Susan Kalan

Susan-Kalan Arts Reporter | Susan Kalan is a local arts advocate and arts writer.

Randy Kraft

Randy Kraft Reporter | web reporter/web editor Randy Kraft has been a local journalist for nearly 40 years.

Joe McDonald

Joe McDonald Reporter | I've spent years roaming hallways in courthouses, looking for scraps of information on what federal grand juries are investigating...

Frank Whelan


Historian | Frank Whelan is a local historian, author and educator. He is the author of's weekly History's Headlines feature.