CDC: Flu season off to latest start in decades

Posted: 7:00 PM EST Feb 17, 2012   Updated: 11:03 PM EST Feb 17, 2012

Get your cold medicine and your vitamin C ready. Or better yet think about getting that flu shot.

Health officials say we're seeing the latest start to a flu season since 1987!

It's running late but now it's here and we're about to get into the thick of it.

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control say they have seen a spike in flu cases in California and Missouri in the past two weeks.

Doctors in our area say our region could be next.

Not a lot of people have been coughing, sneezing or feeling under the weather so far.

Doctors at St. Luke's Hospital in Fountain Hill credit the mild winter for that.

"People have been kind of out and about," said Guhan Ramnohan an emergency physician at St. Luke's Hospital. "They are not in enclosed spaces and sneezing and coughing on each other and things like that."

That doesn't mean people should let their guard down.

Officials at the Centers for Disease control say in the last two weeks there have been wide spread flu-like cases in California and Missouri.

"I think the peak of it is probably about to start now compared to previous years. Usually you see the peaks in December and January," said Ramnohan.

Doctors say it's never too late to get a flu shot if you haven't done so already.

There is still plenty of supply, but if you prepared early you don't need to worry.

"The recommendation is to get a flu shot every year at this point, but if you got one in October or November you're good until next October," said Ramnohan.

So keep the tissues handy, you may need it.

Then again if the temperatures stay high for this time of year, you may not.

"I think that is definitely a that it possibility may just be a mild flu season," said Ramnohan.

Doctors say those in high risk groups should get a flu shot if they haven't yet.

Those are people with respiratory problems and of course children.