catherine hawley is live with the latest. catherine? >> rob.... i'm standing right where the melee happened. in all six people were shot and 23 year old yolanda morales was killed. you can see behind me folks gathered here for a candle light vigil want the violence to stop. >> reporter: 32 year old rene figueroa and 38 year old javier rivera- alvarado face a laundry list of charges stemming from sunday morning's gun battle... including homicide, aggravated assault and attempted homicide. investigators say a third shooter...orialas figueroa was acting in self defense. northampton county district attorney john morganelli says everything started inside the puerto rican beneficial society private club.. with a minor fight between figueroa and orialas. >> morganelli: "during the argument the male told orialas quote te voy al despair, meaning i'm going to shoot you.">> reporter: as the club closed.. investigators say everyone moved outside... rivera-alvarado pulled out a handgun and started shooting at orialas and his friends. according to court records.. that's when figueroa showed up with his own gun.>> morganelli: "shooter #2 shot yolanda morales one time, she immediatly collapsed to the ground, shooter 2 then shot angel figueroa one time." >> reporter: the choas continued and police say the two guns fired 30 shots.. everyone involved was hit.>> morganelli: "these are two individuals who basically possessed firearms on that evening, they are the individuals who brought firearms into this dispute that occured.">> reporter: everyone was transported to the hospital. yolanda morales died a short time later.>> morganelli: "it's just an unfortunate situation that we lost a young girls life as a result of something that really she wasn't involved with, and quite frankly even those that were involved in the dispute, it shoulda never gotten to this stage." >> all three shooters in this case remain in the hospital tonight. live in bethehem catherine hawley 69