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Sen. Mario Scavello discusses state budget and pensions at Moore Township meeting


Republican Sen. Mario Scavello of Monroe County attended the Moore Township supervisors meeting on Tues. evening to discuss current legislation surrounding the state budget and pension plans.

Phillipsburg paves the way for Commerce Park redevelopment


Phillipsburg council members pushed ahead on development of the Ingersoll Rand property, introducing several ordinances based on suggestions by the developer.

The council approved the property tax exemption status with the agreement that the property owner -- Opus Investment subsidiary,  Phillipsburg Commerce Park Urban Renewal Entity --  will pay a yearly service charge to the town for 30 years or more.

The town will never get less than the land value that it currently receives for the property, said Attorney Richard Wenner.

Opus Attorney Joe Baumann said Phillipsburg could expect the tax money returned in other ways, including annual fees and revenue once the project is up and running.

Baumann estimates the project will bring $58 million in rateables as well as 2,800 jobs over time.

Council members also approved a non-recourse bond so that Phillipsburg Commerce Park Urban Renewal Entity could improve infrastructure in the redevelopment area.

According to public documents, Phillipsburg Commerce Park Urban Renewal Entity’s investments would be unable to fund the infrastructure improvements in their entirety.

Town offset costs of infrastructure improvements by issuing the bond, which project representatives stressed would not appear on town's debt or financial statements.

“That debt is not the debt of the town of Phillipsburg,” Baumann said. “It’s ultimately recourse to the property owner: us.”

In other news, Phillipsburg Town Council clarified language an ordinance bed bug disposal. The amendments cut response time to from 10 days to 24 hours and hiked the fee for violations.

Under revisions to the ordinance, bedbug-ridden materials are required to be sealed and disposed of using a private hauler. The township may issue a summons if the town inspectors notice violations.

“It’s my position, as mayor, [that] we don’t want to pick up anything with bedbugs,” said mayor Harry Wyant. “That should be a private hauler at the cost of the homeowner.”

Property owners must schedule a private hauler within 24 hours of receiving the summons or face a flat $500 fee and $100 per day thereafter.

All ordinances introduced for first reading at Tuesday's meeting will be advertised for 10 days and are available to the public on request.

Bangor ASD changes meeting time, appoints counsel


Michael Goffredo was elected president of the Bangor Area School District board Tuesday night and immediately began making changes, starting with when school board meetings will begin.

Finding your way around Bethlehem


Bethlehem may be getting more than $200,000 from the state for signs that enable drivers and pedestrians to better find their way around the city.