A local company will be keeping kids smiling for the next seven decades.

Protica is located in Whitehall Township.

It manufactures food and beverages and it's launching a national giving campaign.

Back in December, the company won 75 years worth of free ice cream cakes from Carvel.

It wanted to do something charitable with them so every week it will send a care package to a school or children's hospital.

But it won't be all about the sweets.

The packages will also include healthy treats to teach kids about good nutrition.

''The whole idea is that you can have your cake and you can have good nutrition too. So you can have cake in moderation as long as you also have the foods from the five food groups which we are big proponents of,'' said Proteca President Jim Duffy.

He says most of Protica's customers are adults so this is a great way to branch out to kids.