Police in Berks County are investigating an early-morning crime spree that may have spanned at least three different jurisdictions.

One car was stolen, several were broken into and nearly two dozen were vandalized all within 24 to 48 hours, said police.

Three adults and one juvenile was taken into custody Monday, accused of pulling off the crimes, said police

According to Lower Heidelberg police, a homeowner reported a burglary in process and caught the group in the act. The resident was able to identify what they were wearing.

Officers were notified and pulled over a green Honda Civic at the Giant food store off Van Reed Road in Spring Township, which matched their description.

Ashley Triest woke up Monday expecting to take her car for an inspection, but when she walked out the door panic set in. Her Civic was nowhere to be found.

"I was more just in shock because I've had it for three days, like this was my third day having it," said Triest.

Her car was parked outside her boyfriend's house on Village Drive in Maidencreek Township. It turns out, Triest was not the only victim. Three other cars in the neighborhood were broken into, said officials.

"So now we're putting a list together to the police department telling them what's missing so if the people have it they can return it to them," said Al Kuberski, vice chairman of the board for the neighborhood.

According to police in Spring Township, about 20 people woke up to find their cars spray painted and vandalized at the Willow Hill apartments.

The group accused of pulling off the spree operated in the early morning hours, and looked for cars that were unlocked across the county, said police.

"They had gotten into my car, and they had taken some sun glasses and I think a CD," said Frank Mohring, who fell victim before.

Mohring's car was broken into about three years ago, so now he keeps his car locked and parked in the garage.  

Triest just hoped she got her car back in one piece.

"So now they just need to go through everything that was stolen and do more paperwork before I get it back," she said.

Lower Heidelberg Township police spent Monday working to determine exactly how many cars were broken into, and if all of the crimes were connected.

They advised everyone to lock your car, and do not leave anything valuable inside.